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  LucasJB 14:12 10 Oct 2007

Hello all. I hope this is the correct place to post something such as this.

Well, I've now saved up a nice budget for a top range games pc - £1000. I was originally after a PC from vantagepc's but it seems they've closed down.

I've done Computing Studies for A level so I thought this should be fairly easy to design my own PC. I was planning on buying the pieces seperate from misco/microdirect, or even all together from pcspecialist. I was mistaken about how easy i thought it would be for me to decide on pieces for a PC. Motherboards, Video Cards, RAM, Cooling, etc.

So, I decided to post here. Ask the experts. I was hoping someone/some of you could help me design a awesome gaming machine with a budget of £1000. Not too bothered whether it's AMD or Intel, although I have heard opinions on Intel now being a lot better.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!



click here some great deals here, and the service is first class.

  LucasJB 14:30 10 Oct 2007

cheers buddy i'll have a look at that. i always had my eyes set on the Nitro pc from vantagepcs. shame they closed.

  LucasJB 15:03 10 Oct 2007

Hmm. Still confused with designing a pc but i do believe that site is very cheap.

  donki 16:09 10 Oct 2007

I doubt that Computer Studies at A-Level will help you much building a computer.

My advise to you would b to buy urself a good computer with your hard earned £1000, u will get a solid machine for gaming. Then when u have it u can try and build urself another cheaper one.

Its easy enough identifying wot seperate components u need and puting them together but ur problems will arise with hardware conflicts and such things.

Plus, computer prices are very competitive at the moment so u wont be able to build a better one for your cash. Just my opinion.

  robbiepaul79 16:20 10 Oct 2007

Yeah have to agree by the time you buy all the bits and stick em together you wont of saved that much if anything, plus there is always the worry of making a mistake.

  LucasJB 17:33 10 Oct 2007

Hey. Thanks for the response.

I've began to think screw building one, it was only so everything may be cheaper.

I've found two pre-built desktops on MESHcomputers.

click here

Xtreme GTA Quad Pro and the Elite Quad EX - PCW.

I really do like these computers. I've never seen MESH around and I was wondering if there a good company?

The GTA Quad Pro comes with 2x 256MB nVIDIA 8600GT Dual Graphics Cards and 4gb of RAM, but the Elite comes with a better videocard, and only 2gb of RAM. I was wondering which could be the better option for gaming. I could customise the Quad Pro to come with the 320mb card at the same cost, its just a question of if dual videocards are better than one that one videocard.

Other than that, I'm a little worried about the cooling/power supply as it doesnt mention on specs. PC specialist reccomended 700w supply for powerful processors/graphics.

Im not a expert on motherboards either so im hoping its a fairly good one.

Other than that, I'm tempted :)



  citadel 18:33 10 Oct 2007

one good card is best, recommended spec for crysis is 8800gts 640 or better.

  LucasJB 23:12 10 Oct 2007

hehe. im very noob. 8800gts 640? is the 640 for MB?

payday friday and i'd love to know if its worth buying this pc over the queries previously stated :)

im excited!...woop!

  Totally-braindead 01:51 11 Oct 2007

I have to agree with the others. Building your own PC used to be cheaper but its so cutthroat pricing wise now that companies sell PCs cheaper than you can get the bits. Mind you its fun building your own and you do learn a lot.
Regarding who to buy from do a search in the Forums and make your own lind up about suppliers, especially in the Consumerwatch forum.
For £1000 I would be looking at something like a Novatech system and add on whatever monitor you like click here

Regarding your graphics card query one card is best and for value for money I think the 8800GTS 320 mb card is best value, the higher memory card is of course better but at a price.

  Acx 02:19 11 Oct 2007

As a gamer I would go back to the link by adman 2 and have a serious look at the cougar-extreme machines.

Yes the 640 is for MB (installed RAM on the card), however I would put the Sapphire Radeon HD 2900 XT as a better card for the same price.

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