Gaming Advice - Whats needed to start up

  dnjl 17:15 05 Mar 2007

1. We have a computer with 80Gb HD. If we buy a Freecom or a Western Digital 500Gb External Hard Drive will it link up OK for gaming?

2. Also - We only have 512Gb DDRam - if we add a 1Gb DDRam will this be OK for gaming?

3. Also considering buying Vidia GreForce 7l00GS. Graphics Card. Is this a suitable card to use.

4. Is there anything else we would require to start gaming - apart from a lottery win!!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:09 05 Mar 2007

Gaming from an external disk is not really a viable option; it may be possible to add an internal drive.

Another gb of RAM will go a long way but it will depend on the rest of the spec.

sorry i dont understand the hard drive bit! is the present 80gb full up?

  Devil Fish 18:43 05 Mar 2007

you don't say what processor you have

and i am assuming you have PCI-E graphics

so here is what i would plump for if i was looking to do it on a budget

add another 512MB ram to take it to 1 gig

internal hardrive 250gig + shop around their are some bargains to be had

and a geforce 7600 series graphics card

nowhere near high end but should give you reasonable performance for the time being

though eventually if you become serious about gaming you will need to be looking to a dual core rig with a couple of gig ram and a dx10 compliant graphics card

  Totally-braindead 18:51 05 Mar 2007

You might also need a new power supply. You will need a minimum 450 watt power supply for a 7600 graphics card. The one you mention is rather poor.

  dnjl 22:47 05 Mar 2007

Thanks to all.

Adman 2 - The 80g Hard Drive is about 2 thirds free, but was told we needed a lot more to do games.

Devil Fish - PCI-E graphics - Do not know what this is, sorry we are just beginners. Processor - (according to spec on computer) = X86 family 15 model 4 stepping 1 Genuinelntel 2933 Mhz. (all greek to me). Thanks for tip on Geforce card.

Totally Brained - Sorry do not understand power supply - how can I get more power from 13amp plug please?

  skidzy 23:13 05 Mar 2007

Totally-braindead is refering to inside the tower is a power supply unit,very easy to change.You should be looking for a psu of 450w upwards.

  dnjl 23:17 05 Mar 2007

Thanks for that - how dumb am I. Will now look in spec on computer to find. Thanks again.

  skidzy 23:26 05 Mar 2007

Im afraid the only way to check the psu is to open the case and look actually on the psu for the label.
I havnt found a diagnostic program yet that tells you the psu wattage.
You may have to remove the psu to see the wattage.Simply done though,and nothing to worry about if your careful of the leads and motherboard.
If you have the manual,it may say it that.

  Totally-braindead 09:49 06 Mar 2007

Firstly if you have a manual check and see what slot you have for graphics upgrades. I assume at the moment you are using onboard graphics, you must find out whether you have an AGP slot or a PCIE x16 slot. Then you can go looking for a suitable graphics card.
The power supply issue. There will be a label on it somewhere that states the rating in watts, thats what you need to look at. If its less than 450 watts you may need to get a new one.
If you don't have a manual or cannot find it then download SIW and post back with the make and model of your motherboard and someone will assist you click here

  dnjl 14:16 06 Mar 2007

Thanks to everyone for theire advice.

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