Games won't play anymore

  Bantam007 21:54 28 Dec 2004

Bit bizarre this one, a week ago I was able to play games normally, now every game I try that requires a disc in the drive stops responding and fails to run, (despite running the intro) this is in Windows 98. I've tried reinstalling from the other disc drive, disabling my virus scanner (AVG), disabling practically everything running in the background, all to no effect. In the week since I last succesfully played a game I don't recall installing any new software, just updating my virus scanner. Any idea's anyone, cos this is driving me crazy.

  Ivor_Monkey 23:37 28 Dec 2004

Presumably any software that also uses a disk won't work. I take it that it is not just games.

Can you play CDs?

Could it be that driver for the CD/DVD player is corrupt? Reinstall driver with anti virus off.

If you have goback installed, you might be able to restore to a previous time, before the updating.

  Bantam007 23:54 28 Dec 2004

I have isolated the problem at last, it was missing/corrupt DirectX Music files. I overlooked attempting to install a DK Childrens Encyclopedia (free with the Express) for my son a week ago, the install failed but during it the software tried to install its very old version of DirectX despite the fact that I had 9.0c installed. It must have overwritten or erased some of my more recent DX files.

Many thanks for the suggestions, didn't think I was ever going to crack this one, I've spent 2 evenings on it!

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