Games to test my BFG 8800GT OC 512MB

  iqs 18:34 28 May 2008


I have just bought a BFG 8800GT graphics card,and was wondering what games to buy which would test its capabilities please.

I have just bought Bio Shock,I know that Crysis and COD4 are cutting edge,but any others?.


  mrwoowoo 18:43 28 May 2008

Nothing will test your card more than Crysis.Even with an 8800GT,i doubt you will be able to max it out.
COD4 will look stunning with that card,along with a decent framerate.
Apart from what you've mentioned there's a bit of a lull in the FPS department at the moment.
Roll on Farcry 2

  ACOLYTE 18:47 28 May 2008

Try Mass Effect should push your card to the limit)

  ACOLYTE 18:51 28 May 2008

Just to add it wont be out until around June/july
but it looks one hell of a game.

  mrwoowoo 19:02 28 May 2008

Mass effect pc release june 6th.
Does look good and has reviews in the 9/10+ range.
There's a gameplay video available.
click here

conan is the highest hitting game i have, or any dx 10 game if you have the joy of using vista, select dx 10 shader 4 and the highest resolution with everything enabled.
remember your graphics card is only as good as the system that feeds it.
get your full 3d system benchmark click here

  iqs 21:52 29 May 2008

for all the recommendations.I will keep an eye out for Mass Effect,and will consider conan,I don't have vista,will download 3dmark6 and see what results I get.Cheers all

  citadel 22:09 29 May 2008

stalker is good test, prepyat city in particular had my card slowed to a walk.

  Totally-braindead 22:53 29 May 2008

I was away to suggest Stalker citadel. I bought it yesterday on budget and my PC does struggle a bit. Can't say I'm all that impressed with the game though, Crysis and COD4 were much better games in my opinion.

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