Games running less smooth recently - any ideas?

  Bill Baker 12:56 09 Jun 2007

Recently I've noticed my games seem to be running less smooth than usual and are a bit jerky.
Running 3DMark 2001 now gives me about 6800 points but I used to get about 10000 with the same hardware.

I've checked for spyware/viruses. Ran defrag on all drives. Uninstalled recently added programs.
Can anyone suggest what might be the problem and what else I could try?

Many thanks.

P4 2.53ghz
1024mb Ram
80gb hard disk - still got 40gb free
Geforce 6600 256mb
X-Fi Xtreme Music

  Technotiger 14:01 09 Jun 2007

Hi, you could also run CCleaner click here and check for possible over-heating, make sure inside of case is clean and free from dust, including of course all your fans, must be clean and running smoothly.

  Technotiger 14:02 09 Jun 2007

In addition, you could increase your Virtual Memory.

  gudgulf 14:54 09 Jun 2007

It could be another program running in the background.

open Task Manager and see if any of the running processes are using the cpu continuously.

Also look to see what your memory usage is (listed as Commit Charge in Task Manager).

Are you forcing higher settings (eg antialiasing) through the NVidia control panel?

It's also possible your card isn't engaging it's full speed for 3D applications.......NVidia cards run slower when using 2D for web browsing etc.If it's not detecting the 3D rendering in 3DMark it might be running slower than it should.

Try reinstalling your drivers to reset everything.

  Bill Baker 18:16 09 Jun 2007

Thanks all for the ideas.
I've run CCleaner and cleaned everything.
Virtual memory is system managed on C: drive. I reset the page file just to make sure.
There's nothing hogging the cpu in task manager.
Commit charge in task manager reads approx.
Total 315180k
Limit 2520872k
Peak 465512k
AA is not enabled for graphics card - all settings are default.
Tried reinstalling drivers and even gone back a version or 2. No improvement.
So the problem is still the same.

  Totally-braindead 18:30 09 Jun 2007

Try running MSCONFIG and disabling items you don't need to run at startup. Careful what you disable, just disable the ones you recognise that you can do without.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:27 09 Jun 2007

When checking the memory, you need to compare the 'Physical Memory' total with the Peak number from the 'Commit Charge' - after running some of the games you're having problems with, compare and if the peak number is above your total, you need more memory.
Other thought is regarding graphics card drivers, have you updated recently? - common wisdom is that new drivers are better, but this isn't always the case, so if you have updated, try going back to the previous set.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:28 09 Jun 2007

Sorry - just read your last post!

  Bill Baker 10:51 11 Jun 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions but I couldn't get any to help.
So it was a lengthy windows reinstall in the end and everything seems to be working perfectly now. Also just achieved my highest ever 3dmark score so perhaps it was worth it.

  Technotiger 10:53 11 Jun 2007

Alls well that ends well - thanks for the feedback.


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