Games port - am I missing something?

  LastChip 23:52 31 Aug 2004

I have recently been investigating new components for a new machine and have noticed almost all motherboard manufacturers now offer integrated LAN and sound (sometimes graphics too).

Whilst I appreciate a serious gamer would not consider an on board sound chip, there are many home users that would be satisfied with the level of quality that on board sound now provides.

However, very few of these manufacturers provide a games (midi) port with their offerings, so you are forced to add a sound card in order to get the games port; or are you? Am I missing something?

  BeForU 00:11 01 Sep 2004

Unless your into making music & using midi devices etc, then it would be essential to get a PCI soundcard with a Game Port seeing as they would be better and are dedicated to that work than on-board sound.

On-board soundcards these days are just for basic needs of the computer user so I'm assuming that is why they are missing them.

I can understand using the Game Port for joypads/joysticks, but these days, many use the easier USB interface. Though this may prove problems with people with older pads.

Anyways this is what I think of the subject.

  hugh-265156 01:43 01 Sep 2004

unless you are into making music, most joysticks and peripherils all connect via usb nowdays anyway. its usually the very cheap and nasty controllers that use this serial connection anyway. go with usb instead for gaming devices.

  Urotsukidoji 08:34 01 Sep 2004

as said, unless you are into music making/mixing/recording getting a seperate soundcard with game port (like the soudblaster audigy 2 ZS platinum - like wot i have got (preen, gloat etc.... lol) don't bother, most onboard soundcards these days have more than enough capability to cope with the games of today. and if you do want to use the console jockeys best friend or a joystick for flight sims, go for a USB interfaced one, faster, cheaper, better IMO, plus the game port takes up a spare slot, which can restrict your upgrade options

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:20 01 Sep 2004

you know how how people always say "always go for usb".well i have had alot of joypads for my computer and the game port controllers always seem to be much faster with the reaction when you press a button!.but i wouldn't like to have a really good DVD WRiter plugged in the same port as mywebcam!.i don't know hwy im just wierd okay?

  LastChip 10:09 01 Sep 2004

in this instance, it's an 80 year old gentleman, who is very happy with his game port joystick (Flight Sim) and is used to it.

The point I am making is, these manufacturers on the whole, are not allowing for legacy peripherals to be used, without adding a sound card, which rather detracts from the quality that is now available from the on board chip, which in many cases, would be perfectly adequate for the customers and potentially, cause fewer conflicts.

The question comes back though, am I missing something with regards to providing him with a games port, without installing a sound card? Is there an alternative way?

  LastChip 21:24 02 Sep 2004

so I'll close it.

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