games only playing in small part of screen?

  pcgal 12:23 30 Mar 2003

my son is on xp pro with ti4200 graphics card and we recently purchased him half life generations and sof2 but the games are only playing in a 1/4 of the screen.
Other games such as medal of honour are playing fine for him
does anyone know whats happening here?
thanks pcgal

ps.we have downloaded all the necessary patches

  Wizz198303 15:54 28 Feb 2004

ok il tell you in steps:-

1) click on ur desktop (the screen)
2)look for properties
3)then look on the tabs for settings,
4)look for "Screen Resolution",
5)Note the resolution (mines something like 832 by 624)
6)Start the game, look for settings
7)look for the Screen Resolution and set it as the one you just noted.

If its still small then adjust the resolution to a smaller number, making the screen bigger

  Wizz198303 16:00 28 Feb 2004

If theres anyone that reads this can you help me with this game, i got Alien Versus Predator Gold Edition, but the game goes slow im gettin like a frame every 10 seconds
And my machine aint old i got it this xmas with 5200FX Geforce card and a gig of ram, i can play Aliens Versus Predator 2 with out any hassle, its just the first one.

  Wizz198303 02:06 29 Feb 2004

Well, what can i say after spending ages tryin to get this game to work, changing the resolution, re-installin it changing the compatibility mode to work on my Win XP and failed... your advise did the trick !!!


If you didnt like my advise you could of just said so. >:P

  Wizz198303 03:23 29 Feb 2004

After a couple more attempts i thought id try it out again, and er... it did work, whooops, sorry for the outburst, thanks for the help!

(just seemed to simple)


  Wizz198303 17:21 09 Mar 2004

not really i tried it out and it didnt work (must av done it at the wrong time or sequence)
couldnt understand how a simple command would sort out something like that, thought u were takin the p...

well game runs smoothly although i played a couple of levels on it and got bored, like AVP 2 better. (now if only course work was as fun).

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