Games keep freezing

  Nessie 20:55 20 Jun 2004

Have pc with radeon 7200, windows me and direct x 9.0. The games keep freezind whilst playing. Any ideas

  Totally-braindead 20:59 20 Jun 2004

Try running the direct X diagnostics. Goto START, then RUN and type in dxdiag and see what it says

  Nessie 21:00 20 Jun 2004

have tried that but unless there is a special place to look it seems to be ok

  Nessie 21:00 20 Jun 2004

have tried that but unless there is a special place to look it seems to be ok

  Totally-braindead 21:06 20 Jun 2004

If it does it with more than one game but doesn't do it with other things such as your word processor the most likely causes are a problem with DirectX or a problem with the graphics card driver. Try reinstalling them both and see if that cures it.

  Nessie 21:09 20 Jun 2004

Have installed latest driver for Radeon 7200 today. How do I reinstall direct x without an internet connection as when I try it downloads a smaal file then connects to the internet and then downloads and instals direct x with no file to copy.

  carver 21:16 20 Jun 2004

Hello again, try to borrow a a new game from someone, preferably one released in the past 4-5 months, this will have the latest directx as a file allready on it and this will update your sons P/C.

  Lead 22:16 20 Jun 2004

Do you have any anti-virus software running? Sometimes these can make games stutter or crash.

  Nessie 22:58 20 Jun 2004

No there is no anti virus or firewll as not on the internet.

  hugh-265156 02:45 21 Jun 2004

hi Nessie to be quite honest until today i didnt know the 7200 card existed only knew the radeon 7000. but after checking click here both are similar in make up.

i read your other posting and it seems the latest tomb raider game is giving you problems. are the other games also newish? if so they require direct x9 to be installed along with the latest direct x9 compatable drivers for the graphics card in order to work well if at all.

the graphics card you have is a slightly older card and is only fully direct x 8.1 compatable but you can still download and install direct x 9 and it will work ok,as above the latest games require this. you say above you have this but in your previous post click here you did not mention this. as above using start/run dxdiag/general will tell you what version you have installed.

if it shows version 8 then get version 9 from click here

this version of direct x although it says is for software developers is the best one to get as it will download like any other file.(the normal link requires you to stay online whilst installing and if it goes wrong you will have to do the whole thing again click here) both are exactly the same. all you have to do is download the redist version (first link) to your desktop and then click the install.exe when finished downloading it to install and then restart the computer.

the latest direct x 9 compatable drivers are catalayst 4.6 from click here

tomb raider is a buggy game and can also give the latest faster graphics cards problems so i would not expect it to run very well on your current graphics card. click here and patch it maybe. play it on the lowest settings the game allows in the game menus to try also.

  hugh-265156 02:58 21 Jun 2004


just re read your first link again and it seems you may not have tomb raider angel of darkeness but the older original game.

if so click here and have a read

try compatabillity mode in xp:

click 'start/all programs/accessories/program compatabillity wizard' and follow instructions. try running older games in windows 95 or 98 mode maybe.

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