games keep crashing

  bretjones 22:20 06 Jul 2007

i have just bought a new pc, but the last two games i have bought seem to have taken a liking to crashing all the time. the games are elder scrolls 4:oblivion, and stronghold 2 deluxe.

the games just quit to desktop and i get the windows message saying that theres been an error and that i should report the problem, nothing else. so far i have only had this problem with these two games. its really puzzling me because i have only had this pc for a couple of games.

my spec is:
amd athlon x2 3800+
kingston 2gb 667mhz
bfg 8800gts 320mb
msi k9 neo motherboard

i hope you guys can help because this is really spoiling my day, especially as i have just spent just over 800 quid on comp stuff, only for it not to work.
thanks guys! :(

  Totally-braindead 22:28 06 Jul 2007

Theres too many possabilities without some more info on what it says, it could be overheating or a game problem or a driver problem or even a hardware problem.
Do other games run ok?
If so what I would try first is the 2 games you have a problem withs game sites and look for patches. And you mention you just bought this PC so are you on Vista because Vista has problems with certain games, there are workarounds such as running in compatability mode.

  Devil Fish 22:59 06 Jul 2007

to add to Totally-braindead's post check for the latest available sound a graphics drivers

Nvidia graphics drivers click here

you dont mention what sound card you are using

for onboard sound check board manufacturers website click here

the drivers on the disk are not always the latest

  bretjones 05:26 07 Jul 2007

it doesnt say anything, only that there is am error and it needs to close, yes other games have woorked ok, although i havunt tried them since i installed these two. will do later when i get home. im not on vista, im on xp.
i will; try those drivers that devil fish just recommended. i'll post back later to let you know how things go.

  umbongo(uk) 11:31 07 Jul 2007

have you patched the games
i see a patch for strong hold 2
and a patch for elder scrolls when i searched

update the games as this usually sorts it out

  Starfox 12:00 07 Jul 2007

Your pc should be well capable of playing Oblivion at even at the highest setting and there was an issue with the game freezing, hence the patch.

click here For Elder Scroll help.

click here;7008510;/fileinfo.html For Elder Scroll patch.

Can't advise you on the other game, try googling for a patch.

  User-1159794 12:24 07 Jul 2007

stronghold 2 deluxe.

click here

  kakellie 17:18 07 Jul 2007

click here try this.

  bretjones 19:29 07 Jul 2007

i have downloaded the drivers for my gfx and patchd oblivion. i have uninstalled stronghold 2 since it is crap and dont want to play it again anyway. im now going to try the drivers for my motherboard. will post again in an hour or two when i find out if it has worked

  [email protected] 20:37 07 Jul 2007

get any games patches here
click here

  funf 01:32 08 Jul 2007

Games can crash if the power supply unit is not up to it.It is quite a common fault due to upgrading the computer but leaving in a 250/300 psu.

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