Games installing but not starting properly in XP

  Aerochick 18:12 20 Jan 2003
  Aerochick 18:12 20 Jan 2003

I'm running XP on a pretty new PC (e-machines 170) and have been having problems with games. I can install them fine but while some run perfectly, others don't. When I click on the icon to start the game, a welcome-type screen will flash up, but then it will disappear and nothing will happen. I've had this problem with Sim City 3000, EA Cricket 2002, Grim Fandango and a couple of others. However, when I bought a new copy of Sim City 3000 it installed and ran fine. It only seems to be a problem when I've installed these games on other PCs before trying to install them on mine. With Grim Fandango, I had it installed (after already installing it on another PC before) and it ran fine - no problems there - but when I went to play it at a later date I had the problem described above, where the welcome screen came up but when I clicked on the 'New Game' button it all disappeared and nothing happened. I uninstalled and re-installed, but the same happened.

I don't think it's a compatibility issue, or to do with sound or graphics stuff, because the welcome screens always work fine, but when I try to go further into the game, it messes up. I've tried updating drivers, running in different compatibility modes, running in different screen resolutions, running in a small window, etc. and nothing seems to help.

I'm getting really frustrated and upset about this, as it seems to be some kind of fault with my six-month-old computer. I'd appreciate any help, suggestions or feedback.



  OBE-1 18:33 20 Jan 2003

have you gone to the games wed page and looked at there surport pages to see if this is a known problem with XP as you may well have to down load the up date for that game to make it work right
i have found to my cost that sim city 3000 can be a real pain to install and play some times
have fun looking

  Aerochick 19:05 20 Jan 2003

I've been to the websites and contacted their technical support, but they haven't suggested anything beyond the usual sound/graphics driver stuff, etc. There wasn't anything to download either. But what puzzles me is that Grim Fandango worked fine at first, but a few months later it didn't. Is there anything I could have downloaded or picked up that might cause this problem?

  roders 19:11 20 Jan 2003

ive had problems like this before. i have xp and when first used took me a while to get my games to work how i want, until i fine tuned everything.

ive just bought sim city 4 and runs fine.

which graphic card are you using. Drivers are most important to the graphic card, for obvious reasons. make sure you have the latest driver, and patches for sim city 3000 and other games that dont work

  Aerochick 22:13 20 Jan 2003

I have the latest driver and all patches, but I still have problems. It's not so much a matter of getting my games to work how I want, it's getting them to work at all! The launcher windows or intro pages come up fine but when I click 'start game' or whatever, nothing happens...

Is there something I could have picked up or installed that would have caused this?

  powerless 22:25 20 Jan 2003

Have installed anything recently, downloaded anything?

Also click here rules out the possibility.

  roders 22:58 21 Jan 2003

we rearly need to know your system spec. graphic card etc

  Aerochick 11:03 22 Jan 2003

Intel Celeron 1.7
128 Mb RAM

Graphics card: Intel 82845G
Sound card: Avance AC97 Audio

Running Win XP Home

  OBE-1 19:35 22 Jan 2003

as a last thing to do you could try formating the computor and reinstalling windows and see if it happens again if it does then you have a hard wear some where good luck

  kat18sgc 20:28 22 Jan 2003

im having the same probs dont know what to do must be hardware my pc's new too i just found out that i didnt have dvd software that was supposed to be on pc been told by carrera that its in the post...we'll see...........

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