games freezing

  acemark 14:07 03 Jun 2003

Hi. I'm having problems with my games locking up, I've updated all my drivers etc and changed settings in game and on my system all to no avail. The screen freezes but I can still here the sounds playing. The main culprit is BF1942 but I've had problems with Star Wars2 Jedi Outcast and Delta Force Black Hawk Down (df Land Warrior seems to play ok) Any thoughts folks.
My system is:
P4 3.06ghz
Asus P4g8x de luxe
1 gig ddr ram
Hercules Prophet 9800 pro
Creative S\B Audigy 2 Platinum
60 gig hdd
directx 9.a
350w power supply
Windows XP home
I have four case fans cooling things down, and have disabled on-board sound (mobo).
Help me out someone? I thought this setup would be an amazing games machine but I can only play dflw :-(

  acemark 14:16 03 Jun 2003

Normally I have to reset to sart the system again, control, alt, delete usually doesn't work, however It did just now and the microsoft error report turned up the following files;


and :


I did a search but can't find these files (don't know what they are about anyway, so probably best left alone, huh?) Iknow .exe is self executing and .txt is text but that's it sadly. Anyone know what these errors are all about????

  PA28 14:19 03 Jun 2003

Should be amazing. At the risk of suggesting something you've probably tried, make sure that your graphics drivers are the latest (from the manufacturers website, not the disk in the box), check any readme files with the game to see if any known conflicts, check your joystick is compatible and also has latest drivers, and check your DX setup (and compatability with the game again - I think 8.1 should be OK but there's some issues with DX9). May also be worth disabling your sound card and trying with the on-board.

By the way, when you disabled your onboard sound did you also disable the onboard game/midi port as you'll be using the one on your new card or USB. If not, then try that first as two gameports clammering for attention will be trouble!

  acemark 15:21 03 Jun 2003

Hello PA28. Yes I installed the latest driver from ATI's site (after trying the cd drivers) And yes I have disabled onboards in the bios. I'm not using a joystick as yet, one less potential problem ;-) I would be interested in the known conflicts with dx9, I'll check for a readme and think I'll try taking out the Audigy. The games worked fine when I was running my old Prophet 8500le with onboard sounds so I guess it's something to do with my new cards, D'oh!!! Watch this space......................Thanks for your comments :-)

  Totally-braindead 20:51 03 Jun 2003

acemark, I've had similar problems with a radeon 9000 and certain games, the solution was to backstep with the graphics card drivers. I'm now using not the latest drivers but the one immediatly before and now my system works perfectly - no lockups. This may not be the solution but try it, it worked for me.

  acemark 19:01 04 Jun 2003

I've had a play around with my settings (again) and it sems to be ok now ;-/ time will tell i guess, again, watch this space....

  acemark 23:44 05 Jun 2003

It's freezing again (in June too) It seems that whatever I try, the games work fine for a few hours and then it's lockupsville, game over. I THINK there's some kind of conflict between my soundcard and graphics card (all my computers diagnostics seem to think not and say there are no conflicts, but I've seen THAT before) who knows, not me sadly :-(

  hugh-265156 23:52 05 Jun 2003

did you reinstall the games when you updated the graphics card?

they will be looking for the 8500 otherwise.

make sure the sound card is not in the pci slot next to the graphics card too

  acemark 11:45 06 Jun 2003

Thanks Huggy, that's a good point, however I have reinstalled bf1942 and I think all of my other games. My sound and vid cards are as far apart as possible, think I might try removing the sound card amd running with on-board sounds for a while, it may make a difference. I have heard from my local comp shop, that creative products can mess with games (if so then perhaps they should either do something about it or, TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  PA28 14:10 06 Jun 2003

Longshot acemark. Try running with the casing off (keependerfingersoutaway) and see if that improves matters. It may be that after a while you have an overheating problem. Thermal paste under the processor and copious fans may help.

  acemark 20:28 09 Jun 2003

Yep, tried that (both) and I now have four case fans, two at the front and two at the back, still locking up. Thought I might try another power supply at some point, I have 350w, maybe 400w or higher???? Any thoughts?

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