Games folder empty overnight!

  Thomo1 18:56 19 Nov 2004

A few days ago my Games folder was found to be emptied.
The night before it was full but in the morning the folder was empty.
I am now missing my games such as solitare, minesweeper, etc etc.
I dont know what happened but they have dissapeared.
Is there any1 who has an explanation or theory to what could have happened and is there anyway to find or get them back?


  VoG II 19:00 19 Nov 2004

Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs

Add/Remove Windows components - may get them back.

  Thomo1 19:12 19 Nov 2004

ive had a look m8 and all the games check boxes are ticked. When i press next to complete the wizard, it finishes but the only games to install back into the games folder are the internet games.
when i uncheck the internet games and leave all the others checked, and fifnish the wizard the file is empty again.

I dont know too much about computers so can u help?

  VoG II 19:17 19 Nov 2004

If this is in Windows ME or XP, try System Restore to get them back. I am assuming that you mean that they have disappeared from the Games folder on the Start menu.

Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Pick a date before they vanished.

  Thomo1 19:21 19 Nov 2004

yeh from the games folder in the start menu.

ah system restore. They are all deleted m8 up until yesterday. I only keep the current and previous days restore points.

I dont understand why only the internet games will install back intot he games folder when all the boxes are checked.

lol, the mrs is giving me head-ache cuz her loves solitare.

Can you download the games from thw windows web-site maybe??

  VoG II 19:24 19 Nov 2004

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

Does this start Solitaire?

  Thomo1 19:30 19 Nov 2004

windows cannot find C:\windows\system32\sol.exe. Make sure you have typed the file name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the satrt button, and click search.

  VoG II 20:05 19 Nov 2004

This means that the actual program has gone, not just the shortcur on the start menu.

Are you up for a repair of Windows?

  Thomo1 08:11 20 Nov 2004

What do i have to do boss??

  VoG II 08:26 20 Nov 2004

You will need a Windows XP CD for this, not just a manufacturer's recovery disk.

First you need to enter the BIOS. This normally means pressing a key, or combination of keys, immediately after switch-on. A message to this effect usually flashes up on the screen when you switch on, such as "To enter setup press Del". Other common BIOS codes are listed at click here.

When the BIOS screen appears you will see a set of menu options. Look for one labelled Boot or Startup and select the item Boot Order, or First Boot; this will be set to HD0, HD1 or the serial number of your hard disk drive.

Change the setting to read CD, CD-Rom or the serial number of your CD/DVD-Rom drive, Save the Change and Exit the BIOS. Open the CD-Rom drive, insert your XP disk and restart your computer.

You will now see a screen message saying "Press any key to boot from CD", press the spacebar and a message appears informing you that "Set-up is inspecting your hardware configuration". This will be replaced by a blue screen, press Enter and you should see a "Welcome to Setup" menu, press Esc to continue; important, do not press R for Repair as this will start the Recovery Console.

The Windows Licence Agreement will now be displayed. Press F8 to signify acceptance and the next screen will list your operating system (Windows XP). Select it and proceed to the next screen, which will have the option To Repair the Selected Windows installation press R. Hit the R key and the installation begins.

Windows Set-up will now go through what looks like a normal installation routine so be ready to respond to the prompts. When Set-up has finished, after a couple of restarts you should see your original desktop with all your shortcuts applications and programs.

You will need to go to the Windows Update site to get all of the critical patches.

  BRYNIT 09:55 20 Nov 2004

Just a suggestion in add/remove have you tried removing the tick from games this may remove any remaining games, reboot go back to add/remove and tick box again. have your win disk read it should now reload games.

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