Games flashing background CONSTANTLY

  JessicaAnderson 02:54 30 Mar 2015

Okay, in short, most 3D games or applications I use, have a hard time staying open when i click inside it. For example, I'd open up a game, and i'll click around in it, and it like closes and opens itself in a split second, and if it's in windowed mode, it shows not responding in the title screen as it does so. If the game is in fullscreen mode, It will flash my desktop for a split second.

Games ive tested this in are cube sauerbraten, assault cube, IMVU client, marble arena, Path of exile, and Need for speed world.

HOWEVER, it does not do any of this in need for speed world??

Things i've tried to do are rolling back my drivers, and then after noticing it's not fixed, i tried updating them again, Nothing worked. What am i supposed to do?

I've had this laptop for 2 months, and it just started doing this today. I've never played games that have overheated it.


Intel i5-2520M dual core, 4 threads 4gb RAM Radeon 6470m 512mb Windows 7 Pro

  JessicaAnderson 03:05 30 Mar 2015

Sorry, I dont know how to edit my OP, but, It seems that it also RARELY flashes my desktop in chrome as well... Will i need to reinstall my windows?

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