games cutting out,

  gingepaul 17:16 15 Aug 2003

i have just added a fan controller and 2 small hd cooler fans to my pc and now my monitor randomly switches to power save mode while playing games, and i have to reboot my pc.
I was thinking it may be a power supply issue, but dont know any programes that monitor the power useage.
i have a 350 watt psu, 2000xp,zalman copper flower cpu cooler with 80 mm fan,1024 ddr 2700, 9700 pro graphics card, dvd, cdrw, 80 gig hdd, n force 2 mobo, aver dvb tv card, audigy sound card, 2 80 mm intake fans, 1 80 mm out fan, 2 20 mm hdd cooler fans, and a fan controlle3r with 4 dials each with an led. any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome, ta.

  Jester2K II 17:36 15 Aug 2003

Isn't that rather a lot on a 350 w PSU?

What happens if you remove the fan controller and 2 small hd cooler fans??

  gingepaul 18:08 15 Aug 2003

i dont know if its a lot m8, thats why i'm asking, nothing i have bought, [built the machine myself], came with any power ratings that i could add up, so i dont know of a way to tell, but the problem does look like a power issue.
i'll wait for a few more suggestions then get a new psu if nessasary.
does anyone know of an app that measures sys power and tells u if u need to upgrade?

  Jester2K II 22:34 16 Aug 2003

What happens if you remove the fan controller and 2 small hd cooler fans??

  Jester2K II 22:36 16 Aug 2003

Seen a table where you add up whats in there and it tells you the minimum PSU you should have

PSU: What you need AGP video card - 20-30W PCI video card - 20W AMD Athlon 900MHz-1.1GHz - 50W AMD Athlon 1.2MHz-1.4GHz - 55-65W Intel Pentium III 800MHz-1.26GHz - 30W Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz-1.7GHz - 65W Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz-2.0GHz - 75W Intel Celeron 700MHz-900MHz - 25W Intel Celeron 1.0GHz-1.1GHz - 35W ATX Motherboard - 30W-40W 128MB RAM - 10W 256MB RAM - 20W 12X or higher IDE CD-RW Drive - 25W 32X or higher IDE CD-ROM Drive - 20W 10x or higher IDE DVD-ROM Drive - 20W SCSI CD-RW Drive - 17W SCSI CD-ROM Drive - 12W 5400RPM IDE Hard Drive - 10W 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive - 13W 7200RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 24W 10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 30W Floppy Drive - 5W Network Card - 4W Modem - 5W Sound Card - 5W SCSI Controller Card - 20W Firewire/USB Controller Card - 10W Case Fan - 3W CPU Fan - 3W

  gingepaul 22:44 16 Aug 2003

well now i think its a heat thing, cos i juat ran 3dmark03 5 times 1 after the other with the side of me case of.
then 2 times with it on and it crashed.
I have an nforce2 mobo from msi, and have heard rumours off the north bridge overheatig easilly, which is right under the zalman copper flower i have foe my processor, and must be getting some heat from that.
I'm gonna cut an 80mm ho9le outta the side of me case,right where the zalman fan is,and stick a filter on it, then see what happens,.
oh and get some arctic silver paste and a chipset fan from zalman, should do it i think.
ta all.

  hugh-265156 23:45 16 Aug 2003

this is quite an interesting little program.its also a bit nifty for testing the cpu after replacement for stabillity or if your overclocking and want to test it click here

  gingepaul 19:44 30 Aug 2003

right i found that simply adding a more power full exhaust fan did the trick, seems that i was pushing more in than letting out.
all fine now.

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