Games crashing

  paz57 23:15 24 Mar 2004

This is a strange one that whenever i play any game on my pc athlon 2.2, nvidia g force ti 4600,soundblaster audigy, 512 ddr memory, the pc sound goes wobbly and at the same time the screen goes black and the i have to reset but it will also only reset on the 20-25th press of the button then it restarts ok, this happens on all games, i have restored and all drivers updated on sound and video card..any help paz57

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:00 25 Mar 2004

Look see if the fan on the card needs cleaning may be overheating.


  hugh-265156 00:32 25 Mar 2004

click start/run and type dxdiag click ok

click the system tab and note the direct x version info.what version do you have?

click the display tab and click on test direct draw and test direct 3d tabs,any errors?

click the sound tab and click test directsound click the music tab and test it too.any errors?

  paz57 12:26 26 Mar 2004

ok done the fan last week, seems clear and running, direct x 9.0b, all tests ok on direct draw and all sounds, the puter will reboot ok in normal running but not from when it crashes on games, had a storm a couple of weeks ago but not sure if that would have done any damage...

  hugh-265156 13:03 26 Mar 2004

have you got the latest dx9 compatable drivers for your graphics card installed? click here

  paz57 22:13 28 Mar 2004

yes got latest 56.64 which was out on 25th March..

what PSU (Power supply unit) have you got?

  hugh-265156 00:11 29 Mar 2004

Pilchy makes a good point.

i misread the bit where you said you need to hit the reset button a few times.

maybe your power supply is struggling a bit.

  paz57 12:17 01 Apr 2004

The psu is a 300w Enhance cpu, took it out and cleaned inside, put back on and it took 10 resets to boot up and fan started a bit noisey and then cleared, maybe i alt to renew it and try again do u think...paz

That seems to be the problem by the looks of it, that it is being overloaded and so the fail safe cut's in and causes the unit to not boot.

My advice would be to either get a Q-Tec 550 watt PSU or pay a bit more money and get an ernemax 350w PSU that you can adjust the fan speed which i use and it still doesnt struggle at all...

  paz57 00:25 02 Apr 2004

Ok,will get another, would you recomend a dual fan rather than the one...

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