aleso 21:34 20 Feb 2003

I have Windows Me,8oomhz Amd Athlon,Rvidia Riva Tnt2 Model 64 and i've just downloaded DirectX 9.0(Which i've been told is pointless).Every game that i've bought SHOULD have worked on this computer,also i've tried reducing the acceleration but that hasn't helped.I've ran Dxdiag also which shows no problems and i haven't added any hardware since buying this computer(2001).I did download a driver from Windows update which just froze/crashed?? the computer in no more than 5mins.After all this *@*& i don't think i'll buy another computer from Time.......grrrr.One last thing all 7 games don't need patches also i'm a total novice with computers

  Gaz 25 21:44 20 Feb 2003

Worked on all my computers and actually made it faster.

You could try reinstalling Direct X 8.

  AMD 4 ever 21:46 20 Feb 2003

That Graphics card is not really that ideal for gaming of high demand, it will run perhaps but at what benefit!
You will need to ensure you have all upto date drivers.
Go into BIOS and start from there. Reset it all by loading up the setup or default settings. This will ensure there is no overclocking or forced hardwar issues.

  Kyomii 21:53 20 Feb 2003

Direct X 9 is still buggy and in its early stages - also the graphics card you have is pretty old hat now and does not support DX 9 (I think it only just supports DX 7) and is probably the reason why your computer is crashing.

You don't say when the crashing started or for how long it has been happening. You also said that every game you have bought should run on your computer - however, its not just processor speed, it is also graphics card that can cause limitations when running a game, I'm afraid the TNT2 64 is very limited for many of the games available today.

Also you can not re-install DX - once you have upgraded you can not uninstall it. There is a piece of software available to "kill" DX so that you can re-install, but really, IMHO, a complete reinstall of the operating system is required to gain back full stability.

  kingkenny 21:55 20 Feb 2003


Your computer is crashing to protect itself and sounds as though, as mentioned, its your Graphics card. Do you have any messages on restart explaining why the system crashed?

Have you tried the games on the lowest resolution settings to see if that has any effect?

  kingkenny 21:58 20 Feb 2003
  kingkenny 22:00 20 Feb 2003
  raytriplej 22:22 20 Feb 2003

I had a similar problem, games would crash after a while and solved the problem with a new power supply.
But before you go out and buy one, why not restore your computer back to a date before you downloaded Direct X. To do this you need to boot up using a boot floppy disk and then at the a prompt type C:
then at the c prompt type scanreg/restore.
This will give you a few dates on which your system booted correctly. Go back to a few days ago and hopefully all will be well again.

  Kyomii 10:40 21 Feb 2003

If you choose this option, bear in mind that it may not work (especially with ME)- so don't be disappointed if not, although 70 percent of the time it is successful.

Also, if one date doesn't work, then you need to do the same sequence again and choose another date from Dos until you find a working restore.

When you type in the command, please leave a space between scanreg and the / otherwise it won't be accepted, so type it as follows:

scanreg /restore

If this option doesn't work then try ME's normal restore, although I do think nothing can beat a clean install (deleting and recreating partition from scratch) when such intense problems are being experienced.

  aleso 21:59 21 Feb 2003

Ive tried restoring the computer and i had the same problem with Directx 7.I was also told by the staff at Time to buy(which i did) and that didnt help.I only play want to Championship Manager,christ this thing has made me bald...thanks anyway

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