Game's crash

  Michael-229782 20:43 24 May 2004

New re-biuld of machine, wwon't play games at all, used to play intro movies etc, and allow access to options type menu's but once game play comence's crashes to desktop or worse.

Been in chats with MS Support staff, no help :(,
everything is upto date, drivers hardware etc.

Any help would be welcomed, PC's (pretty crap) .........
system is
athlon 3200+, 768 meg 400 fsb ram, MSI KT600 Dlta
Audigy sound card
radeon 9600 pro
500 waatt poer unit

plzzzzzzzzz help, thanks

  dfghjkl 21:52 24 May 2004

i think to describe that system as crappy is a bit tactless,you dont want to give it away,do you?
anyway,have you got up to date drivers?ati can cause conflicts with their drivers,i belive they have been described as"fussy"
it could be a power supply problem,i would try the drivers first,dont forget to delete your old drivers first in"add and remove programs"first or you will get conflicts when you load up your new drivers.
you could try a test to stress your graphics card,"3d mark 2001 or 2003 for example,you can use these to test your graphics card performance,you can then compare on line to similar spec pc,s
use google for ati drivers and 3d mark tests,

  hugh-265156 22:03 24 May 2004

if you are all up to date wit drivers as you say and all games crash something is amiss here.

you dont say what version of windows but im guessing its xp so try this.

make sure windows is up to date click here

check device manager and make sure there are no yellow question marks or exclamation marks showing here.

run the direct x start/run and type dxdiag and click ok.

click the general tab and look at the version really should have version 9b as most games now insist on this being installed to should be on the ati 9600 cards driver cd if you need to install it.

after checking that you have direct x9 installed next click the display tab and run the tests for direct draw and direct 3d.

do the tests run ok and look at the notes box for any errors listed.

also check in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer and click the application and system tabs and look here also for errors.

all i can think of.

  Michael-229782 22:31 24 May 2004

thank's all, have tried all of the mentioned tactics, 3D mark in its various formats even this will not run correctly, have tried using older drivers for the ATI cards, have even tried using a geforce mx400, I htink thats the model, same problem, at the moment the machines running with only 256 mb ram, trying to remove this as a memory problem, in saying this i had this same problem with a previous machine. As for error's in the event viewer, nothing shows up. Have been trying to sort this out for a month no :(

  helmetshine 23:12 24 May 2004

You mentioned trying a Nvidia mx400....are the Nvidia drivers still on your PC cos they don't mix too well with ATI drivers.. are they still on your pc...if they are d/load driver cleaner from click here and run it to remove all traces of the Nvidia drivers
Might be as well to remove and reinstall the ATI drivers then....after removing the ATI drivers and rebooting you'll find the found new hardware wizard running....cancel out of that and install the drivers by double clicking on them

  TTP 23:24 24 May 2004

IF xp then you need the win xp hqtl drivers i would imagine but you do need to remove the old drivers from add/rem progs list before installing the new drivers.....just a guess

  hugh-265156 23:30 24 May 2004

have you got the latest via drivers installed?

click here

  Michael-229782 23:41 24 May 2004

Guess this is going to one hell of head ache to sort out, talk about plug and play, deff more like plug and pray.

Yeaap, have the latest VIA drivers, the hyperion nmed ones, just been trying to re-install ati's latest drivers, 12th may t hey were realeased, mind i did try these the same day they realeased.

  Michael-229782 23:49 24 May 2004

oh, just tried something different, My athlon xp 3200+ is now running at 1100 mghz :'( ..............
future mark 2003 running ok, actaully it's running faster now at a slower speed, weird or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  hugh-265156 00:08 25 May 2004

have you been tweaking things in the bios you shouldnt?

for the processor speed check multiplier and fsb are set correct in the bios click here

try system restore back to a date all was well maybe.

try tapping F8 when you turn on the computer and selecting "last known good configuration" from the list.

also try the system file checker.start/run type sfc scannow and insert the windows disc if prompted to replace any missing or damaged system files.

try a repair of windows xp click here

  Michael-229782 20:07 25 May 2004

Thank's all for your aid in attempting to sort this weird problem out. Nope I have not tweaked anything in the BIOS, only set up the seetings for printer port, USB, FSB for cpu, adjusted the AGP configurations to recommened one's.

Still no joy yet, but it's not going to beat me !!!!!!!!, not this time lolol


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