Games from CD?

  Soapy-77 15:40 12 Jun 2005

I use a company laptop and travel/stay overnight in hotels a lot. I would like to play games on the laptop in the evenings, but we are not allowed to install any software on the companies machines. therefore, is it possible to play games direct from CD, so no traces are left on the machines? I would like to play good recent games, rather than cheapo Flash-type games.

Any help gratefully reecived!

  SANTOS7 20:09 12 Jun 2005

Have you thought about buying an external HDD, loading all the games you want to play on it, plug it into laptop and play them from there.....

  Joe R 20:17 12 Jun 2005


I would imagine the games would have to be installed, to set registry settings etc.

  gudgulf 20:56 12 Jun 2005

SANTOS7's idea might work with some games.There are a good number that would play that way even if not installed on the main operating system.I've done it myself when formatting my C partition to save reinstallinig all my many games.However it is a bit hit and miss as to which games will run like this.

To run a game directly from a cd or dvd is possible done with one of the games that would work as mentioned above...Medal of Honour is an example of one that will.

There are some very big problems with doing this however.For example you would have to install the game onto your own hard drive.Then you would need to remove the need for the game to have its original disc in the drive....which would of course be illegal!.You would then need to copy the game to a DVD providing it will fit (many modern games may need more space than available on a single disc ).Then the game would run from the DVD drive.......but more problems here.The transfer speed of data from the drive would be very slow compared to from the hard drive so you'd get very choppy game performance.Not only that but your game settings would not be savable(may not even be changeable) and you would not be able to save your progress through the game.All in all this method would be inadvisable and no fun!!

The best bet might be to explain the situation to your companies IT department and see if they would agree to install a game or two for you.

  TomJerry 21:41 12 Jun 2005

just buy a 2.5" internal lappy HDD, swap it with the one inside your lappy and then you can do anything with it, once you done games and swap the original one back, lappy HDD is very very easy to change

external solution will not work for most games becuase many program need to install a lot of things on windows registry.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 01:02 13 Jun 2005

dont know if it will work or not but if your lap top can boot from usb could you not install os onto external usb hd load games onto that then use into external hd to play

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