Gameplay pauses in Driving games only

  Evolution 09:25 23 Feb 2003

I am running an XP1900 with 1024mb ram, nvidia ti-500 graphics card and sb audigy sound. OS is XP Home. Video and sound drivers are up to date.

When playing driving games only (Grand Prix 4, Midtown Madness 2, Colin McCrae 2 etc) there are really noticable pauses in gameplay every 4 or 5 seconds. All games are patched where available.

I find this strange as all my other games, which are pretty processor and graphics intensive, Unreal Tournie 2003, Medal of Honour, Jedi Knight 2 etc run perfectly at high resolutions and detail.

I am using a Logitech Momo force feedback wheel for the driving games, with the latest driver and this is connected to a USB hub (all other devices, eg microsoft sidewinder joystick, are disconnected from the hub).

Finally, my system recently crashed and I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall XP and all my drivers, games, patches and other software. Apart from the driving games, everything works absolutely fine. Before the crash, I didn't have this problem.

Could the crash have affected the bios in some way and would I have to reinstall any bios update or is this retained despite the crash?

Has anyone got any ideas where I can look?



  AndySD 09:42 23 Feb 2003

When you reinstalled did you install the Motherboard Drivers (and check they were the latest)

  Evolution 10:54 23 Feb 2003

Hi Andy,

No I did not.

Just reinstalled XP and programmes I had lost.


  AndySD 10:58 23 Feb 2003

Can you tell us the make /model of the MoBo or the chipset (eg VIA)and we can look them up for you (if you dont know then Belarc Advisor click here a small free program can tell you).

  Evolution 11:12 23 Feb 2003

Hi Andy,

Belarc Advisor tells me that my motherboard is an ASUSTek A7V266-E Rev 1.xx and the Bios Award Software version is ASUS A7V266-E ACPI Bios Rev 1004B

However, the manual that came with my computer says that the model is a A7A266-E

I noticed the following on the ASUS sight. Could this have anything to do with the problem?

click here



  AndySD 11:44 23 Feb 2003

It may well be, try their fix.

Also here are your MoBo Drivers (VIA Hyperion drivers)click here.

  Evolution 11:55 23 Feb 2003


Thanks but the mobo drivers link is incomplete.

Can you re-supply it please


  AndySD 12:00 23 Feb 2003

click here sorry

  AndySD 12:04 23 Feb 2003

Ooops forgot to mention ....make sure your visus checker is disabled before you install these.

  Evolution 12:11 23 Feb 2003


Firstly how are you sure that these VIA drivers are ok for my ASUS board?

Ive visited the ASUS site and have found various updates.

Apologies if I appear to be doubting you. I'm not. It's just that updating the bios is a significant step and if it gies wrong...ouch.

For my own benefit, why the drivers you suggested?



  AndySD 12:18 23 Feb 2003

Its not a BIOS update... the MoBo you have is based on 2 chips from VIA (the chipset) click here the Hyperion drivers are the latest for this chipset..... these control how the imformation from the varios cards and hardware (including the AGP slot)connected to the MoBo is handled. Its the same as updating the drivers on your graphics card to get the best performance.

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