Gamecube and shared internet

  Alex Doble 23:14 16 Dec 2006


I have a PC in my room, as well as a Nintendo Gamecube with a broadband adapter installed. The PC connects to the internet wirelessly, and it has a network card in it which is connected to the Gamecube via a crossover cable. I now have two seperate networks on my PC - the Gamecube network and the Wireless network. I know they both function propery, but what I can't figure out is how to allow the Gamecube access to the internet (so I can play Phantasy Star Online, or Homeland online, etc.) through the PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated - the PSO servers are being taken offline at the end of March next year, and I want to fit plenty of play in!


  rodriguez 14:13 17 Dec 2006

You'd be better off plugging the GameCube into the wireless router (it should have an Ethernet port so you can do this) instead of the PC. When the GameCube is connected to the wireless router via a cable it should then access the Internet without any problems. This is how my Xbox works anyway.

  Alex Doble 17:18 17 Dec 2006

Yep, that would be the perfect solution, but I was hoping for an answer which didn't end up with me drilling holes all over the place :-( Thanks anyway!

  rodriguez 18:03 17 Dec 2006

When I had my cabled network I did it so that i run the cable along the skirting board and held it in place with cable ties that nailed into the wall. I also got the cable to go under the gap in the door and under the carpet and out the other side. So you might not need to drill holes. ;-)

  Alex Doble 20:25 17 Dec 2006

I'd love for that to be the solution (that's what I had in my old house - a bungalow, and so a lot easier to work with), but I would need a stupidly long wire for this house (not a problem), and it would look incredibly ugly - although I may be able to sort something out. I'll get to looking, and if anyone else has an idea, speak up!

  manickid 00:29 18 Dec 2006

What about using your mains wiring for your ethernet connection? It will mean spending around £80 but at least you wont have cables trailing all over the place.

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