Game suddenly vanished from screen

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:22 04 Jan 2005

(NB I'm not expecting a specific answer relating to the functioning of a particular game, just what the symptom suggests happened.)
My kids were playing Rome: Total War the other day when it simply did a vanishing act in mid flow. I expect it has to do with the fact the machine we have is a bit under the minimum spec, although the game normally runs fine. Just wondering whether anyone could confirm that the problem probably relates to having too little RAM (192 when you're supposed to have 256), which is my suspicion. (Admittedly the processor is only 750MHz instead of 1GHz.) Strange thing is the game was at a particularly uncomplicated stage (viewing a map of the world, etc.) Official website does not mention any issues, incidentally. Don't anybody dare tempt me to buy a new computer, by the way; I am NOT splashing out 700-odd quid just so I can feel snug about the frame rate...

  ACOLYTE 19:33 04 Jan 2005


1,graffix card overheating (not likley but maybe)

2,More ram or bigger swap file size.

3,graffix/sound driver corrupted.

4,Directx fault

5,Fault in the game.

6,Fault in the game cinamatics.

7,Running to many Background apps.

I cant think of any more but im sure there is.

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:42 04 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE - Am I right in thinking that the game actually runs in my windows partition, not my data partition? I ask because although I've left loads of free space on the windows slice, it is a little more restricted on the data partition.
Incidentally, I've never actually messed with swap file size. Is it safe to give it a go?

  ACOLYTE 20:31 04 Jan 2005

It runs from where you installed it if that was the dater part then it runs from there.You can set the swap file or let windows do it for you,but if you set it to big/small it can slow your pc down on mine the minimum allowed 2mb
minimum recomended is 1534mb, and i actually have 1536mb alocated normally i think,it should be set to 1 and a half times bigger than the ram you have so you would wont about 480 500mb and if windows is doing it this is most likly what you have.The swap file should be the same for both partitions if they are on the same drive.
But i think the error is probably a bug in the game.I have shogun total war and that does it sometimes.

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