Game slowdown with these specs?

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 21:47 06 Nov 2003

My system comprises of an AMD XP2600+ (Barton), 512MB PC2700 RAM, a Sapphire ATI 9700 card and a 60GB hard drive, OS is Windows XP

Whilst playing Halo at 1280x1024, the game sometimes slows to a crawl. This is dissapointing because I would have thought that with the above specs, playing games at this resoltuin would not be a problem. I also experience slowdown with other games.

What is strange is that I was playing games at 1200x1600 earlier thie year when I had a 19 inch CRT monitor and everything seemed fine, even with the AMD XP2000+ I had at the time.

I have also upgraded my motherboard to support 8X AGP. I have the latest driver installed for my graphics card and have also tried different versiont of the driver. I have shut down as many programms as possible from the system tray so I am puzzled as to what could be causing this slowdown.

In some cases I noted that there was hard drive activity during slowdown but this was partially resolved by closing programms in the system tray. With Halo however, the slowdown is not accompanied by hard drive activity.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:02 06 Nov 2003

which is possibly VIA 4in1 or Sis and also try updating the DirectX also does you Windows XP have Service Pack one.

I also remember there is a Microsoft "Windows Update patch" related to games hanging or not playing.

  Joe McG 22:10 06 Nov 2003


If you have an nt filing system, it is possible that may be the reason.

I now split my drive into partitions, one for the o's (always ntf) one for media, also on ntf, and a 3rd for games which I format as a fat32 partition.

Hope this can help you. Joe

  citadel 22:32 06 Nov 2003

the xbox version also had slow down in frame rates, looks like they have not improved it for the pc.

  Mundy 22:40 06 Nov 2003

This is a well documented problem with this game. You need a beast to run it at a high resolution. click here for a review by GameSpy which states;

"...But the biggest problem with the graphics -- and the entire game, for that matter -- is that you'll need a pretty powerful PC to run Halo at a steady clip. My main machine is a P2.54 GHz P4 with a GeForce 4 and 1GB of RAM, and I've been running new releases like TRON 2.0, Jedi Academy and Call of Duty at 1024x768 without so much as a stutter -- and that's with all the eye candy cranked up. But even at 800x600 with some of the details turned down, Halo still feels sluggish -- disappointing for a game that looked fantastic and ran fairly well on the Xbox two years ago."

I would suggest you turn the resolution down and possibly tweak some of the graphic settings and away you go... well it worked for me, great game it is too. See this post click here Enjoy. :-)

Thanks for replies.

Come to think of it, it may be the fact that my drive is formatted to NTFS that is causing the problem becaus if my memory serves me correctly, things were OK when I was using the FAT32 system.

I had reformatted my drive by booting from the XP disk and the FAT32 option was not available (it had been previously) so I opted for NTFS. As closing the programms in the system tray helps in most cases, I wonder if another 512MB of RAM would help. I don't really want to go back to FAT32 if I can help it.

The slowdown in Halo looks like a different issue because as I said, the slowdown is not accompanied by any hard drive activicy so it would appear that the game is putting a great strain on the system resources.

Wonder if I can twist my wifes arem into getting me a Geforce FX 5900 Ultra for Christmas :-)

...and some typing tuition

  powerless 23:27 06 Nov 2003

Or even the better 5950.

  woodchip 23:31 06 Nov 2003

Have you tried defraging your drive it works wonders

Woodchip, I did defrag the drive recently but this did not have any effect, but thanks anyway.

I'm assuming that the hard drive activity is caused when the memory is being fully utilised so would adding another 512MB make a difference?

  woodchip 16:23 07 Nov 2003

There as got to be something else that is not right with you setup, the above speck is more than adequate

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