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  woodbexhill 22:29 19 May 2003

I've been considering this idea for some time now, and I'd like to take into consideration the ideas and thoughts of some other people as to whether this has potential and if so what things I should consider.

I'm a "hardcore multiplayer gamer"...when you decide to play a game online, you connect to a server...a game server.

I have been thinking about setting up a 'game server' hosting company for some time.

I've considered many aspects of this and I think the following would be required.

A Linux Based Dedicated Server in the UK with at least a 50mbit uplink to the internet with a high bandwidth limit (15GB p/month +), plenty of hard disk space, 1GB+ of ram, and 2GHz + Processor.

I know this all seems to be lacking in detail at the moment, but these are my ideas from my initial research.

I certainly know there is a large market for this, and am certain I could definitely get customers.

If, for example I was paying £150 per month for a Dedicated server, either by myself or with the costs split between a partnership I could be creating a profit from setting up, 10 Gameservers as a start. The average price for a Game Server is now currently £40-45 per month, and of course if there where 10 Servers running w/ paying customers, I'd be turning over £300 per month. It doesn't seem a huge profit, but I'm only currently a student and of course this means I'm not looking for a large income to live the rest of my life on ;)

Other things I've thought about are a php/mysql database system, maybe with a link with paypal or another online ordering system from which the Website for this -company- would run, and also the 'business' of uploading the files required to run the servers, ie the Linux Dedicated server files and other files required for the game, (ie. X00mb Texture files)

I hope that the people in the forum can help give me some ideas, and comments on this and also maybe forward me to some sites which could possibly host a dedicated server for the purpose I'm looking for.

But please, no de-moralising comments yet. I want positive feed-back and some ADVICE and tips about this hole type of project.


  powerless 22:33 19 May 2003


All of the Online gaming i have come across is FREE!

Give me a good reason to pay?

  powerless 22:37 19 May 2003

Learn the competiton click here ;-)

  woodbexhill 22:41 19 May 2003

I'm talking about 'Clans' most of which are willing to spread these monthly costs across there players/members and purchase gameservers for there own personal use and matches with other clans.

And yes, BarrysWorld, and Jolt are the big companies in the Game Hosting scene but many of the smaller companies have a lot more sucess. BarrysWorld have ridiculous prices for there server, people pay £110 for Game Servers which can be purchased for £45 click here and click here Both very small companies but with a lot of customers.

  woodbexhill 08:00 20 May 2003


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