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  podlod 08:59 06 Sep 2009

Hi, I have visited 2 pc repair engineers to ask my prob and what i need to repair, they say it could be this or it could be that and do not know until they replace in turn. I would like to be able to instruct them to replace a certain or certain items as nec/ary, and the problem being is that i am playing a game called Empire Total War, and I have had a similar problem when I played Oblivion in the past. The game plays ok up until a few hours have passed and then the characters speech breaks up and the game stops and starts every few seconds for a split second and gets worse as the time goes on which in turn makes it hard to play. One pc engineer says its the CPU, another says Motherboard, another, Graphics card, I really dont know where I stand, any help please. Here are some of my PC specs.
Windows XP Home Edition
2.10 gig AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core proc 3800=2cpu`s
Board is Asus ek A8N-SLI
3072 MEG memory RAM
517.73gig free hard drive
Direct X9.oc
Nvidia geforce 7800gt Graphics card

  citadel 09:35 06 Sep 2009

first install patch for game. info on patches at makers website. slowdowns could be other programes running during gaming and taking ram and cpu resources.

  podlod 10:27 07 Sep 2009

Hi, I am up to date with Patches, and I always make sure that with a software that I have it automatically shuts down any programs running that are not nec/ary.?

  citadel 18:18 07 Sep 2009

graphics card will auto slowdown if it gets too hot, intel cpu's have an auto slowdown if too hot, presume ati cpu's have similar.

  podlod 10:18 16 Sep 2009

Hi again, I have been quoted an estimate for basically a new pc and he assures me I can play all games with this newly built pc, but it seems to me an enormous amount of cash just to improve my pc for games, especially now when my money is limited, and ideas, would a new graphics card do the job?

  podlod 11:03 16 Sep 2009

Hi again, i forgot to ask you, how more powerful is the ATI radeon HD 4870 2GO vapor-x graphics card compared to my NVIDIA GEFORCE 7800 gt card?

  citadel 19:12 16 Sep 2009

any hd4870 will be a lot better than 7800gt.

  podlod 07:38 17 Sep 2009

Hi Citadel, thanks for all your help, maybe I will be ok with the new card? thanks again!

  pjwheeldon 14:47 17 Sep 2009

Hi podlod,

Given that your problem only occurs after you have been gaming for a while, the obvious issue is cooling. Putting a more powerful GFX card in there will not resolve the issue therefore.

As citadel pointed out your CPU and gfx card will both try to protect themselves from overheating by scaling back performance, and this would replicate the issues you seem to have.

Does you PC have sufficient cooling? Are the fans actually working together to cool the system?( a fiends PC, which was store bought, was always overheating. I found that the exhaust fans at the back were in the wrong way round, and had been tring their best to blow hot air back at the CPU.)

Is the room you use it in hot, or is the PC near a radiator or ni direct sunlight? Can you try opening your windows and sticking a fan on to drop the room temp (might need a wooly jumper thought).

Hope this helps

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