Game is Lagging, never done it before?

  Baskerville 20:40 26 Dec 2006

Hi all,
Bought a new game for Christmas (FEAR) and it seems to lag like hell on my comp making it nearly impossible to play.
Never had this problem before, Computer is 5 years old and until now has been a cracker, Played the new Half-Life and this runs great with no probs.
Also how can I tell if I can add more memory if this is the problem? would a system diognostic check be any help to flag up any problems??

Thanks to all who chip in,

  surfmonkey #:@}© 20:46 26 Dec 2006

is the lagg on the game or just the multiplayer part i got the game installed it it runs ok but the lagg on the multi player part is massive have you looked at the requirements to play the game as far as i can remember you need a 3ghz + prossessor recomended

  Baskerville 20:59 26 Dec 2006

This may be the case as the booklet recommends
4 1.7 GHZ Pentium.
My system is Pentium 4 CPU 2.60 GHZ 2.61 GHZ 512 Mb Ram.

Maybe time to upgrade but this one has been one heck of a machine from Aldi (Medion) and has been brilliant, not sure if it can support more Ram though.


  citadel 21:30 26 Dec 2006

install patches, lower graphics detail, shadows, and effects. fear is a demaning game and is often used to benchmark graphics cards.

  Baskerville 21:40 26 Dec 2006

Just done a PC Stop check and the comp came out as very good, so I suppose I may have been hasty buying FEAR, my fault as it has always run well whatever has been thrown at it.

Many thanks,


  gudgulf 21:56 26 Dec 2006

FEAR is a very demanding demands high levels of RAM memory and is very hungry for Video card memory.

My system has 2GB RAM.......the game used 1.2GB

My graphics card has 512MB onboard memory.....the game used 430MB.

This is at 1280x960/2xAA/16xAF soft shadows off,everything else at maximum.

Although this is on a powerful gaming rig it gives you an idea what you are up against.

The lag and pausing you are seeing is because of the game swapping out graphics textures to an from your graphics card and paging out to the swap file from RAM.

The best answer is a big upgrade in pc specification.......but back in the real world look through click here

That will help you get the best out of your present pc.

Use FRAPS to check your frame rates click here

And try Video Memory Watcher to see how much of your video memory is being used (you will also see how much RAM is being used by the graphics card for video Memory) click here

  Baskerville 22:47 26 Dec 2006

Thanks for that,

I'm no dedicated gamer, I like the horror genre of games like Castle Wolfenstien and Alone in the Dark and Half-Life also Clive Barkers.

I suppose FEAR is aimed at serious gamers with systems much better than mine,I think that the people who made FEAR should have made it plain that casual gamers may not be able to run the game, I just wanted a scary game ! I reckon a lot of people are dissapointed that their computers cannot play the game

Thanks for the help, Merry Christmas,

double up your ram, probably cost you as much as the game, but would make it playable

  kikuta 09:45 27 Dec 2006

Yes, just to reenforce what everyone else has said - its time for an upgrade. I doubt my pc will be able to run it well either, and mine isnt bad.. not great either tho.

AMD Athlon 256mb HT graphics

Intel Pentium 4 dual core proceesor (3 ghz) with HT

1024 mb DDR2 RAM

  hzhzhzhz 09:58 27 Dec 2006

I have Fear sitting on the shelf now coz my HDD failed. My system was Athlon 2.2
768mb ram
Radeon 9600 pro.256mb
I've decided that the system is not worth a new HDD because it struggled to play FEAR at decent settings,so I'm in the process of building a far better system.

  Baskerville 14:04 27 Dec 2006

Just had a look at the Motherboard and it will accept 768 Mb Ram, currently using 512 so I can go and buy 256 to take it to the limit, it is SDRam not DDRam.

Anybody know how much Ram is these days ?


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