A Game I Programmed & Released!

  Mad Boy 17:40 25 May 2003

well some of you may be aware of me leaving soon, ive released the game I was working on, unfortunately its incomplete & im dissapointed with the end release. Anyway click here on that link and click Final Fantasy from the left NAV menu. I like the splash screens & stuff. Anyway you may look around my site if you like for other developments, alot of them are buggy as they were made a long time ago when I was a beginner. If you are intersted in creating good games and easy programs click here that link is good, all ages welcome. The forum isnt too good theres always people putting you down there but that shows the immaturity of people there. I am 17 in June for those might wonder by my name, im still around a bit longer if you do download the FREE game development tool and ill be happy to help, im very experienced with it. Well thanks for reading, you mail me [email protected] if you need any information regarding anything.

Thanks for your time

  Djohn 18:07 25 May 2003

madboy, for a sixteen year old, your doing really well, keep up the good work, best wishes to you and your parents.

See you back here soon. Surf safe. J.

  Mad Boy 18:10 25 May 2003

Thanks Djohn, by the way did the link above work to the file, tripod saying if exceeded my Bandwith limit.

  Djohn 18:16 25 May 2003

Says, back in one hour. But I had a look from your previous thread. J.

  Mad Boy 18:35 25 May 2003

im losing patientce with my ISP there, thought something was horribly wrong, couldnt access this site.


  kimjhon 18:39 25 May 2003

Thank you very much, Mad Boy.
Have downloaded Gamemaker. Going to have a bash at it.

  Mad Boy 18:42 25 May 2003

you welcome, any questions i will answer best I can

  Mad Boy 18:42 25 May 2003

you welcome, any questions i will answer best I can

  Mad Boy 18:50 25 May 2003

you may have problems accessing my site above, ive exceeded my bandwith, please try later

  Mad Boy 19:12 25 May 2003

well ill resolve this thread now, you have my mail address above for contacting me for comments,feedback etc. You can still post here if you like, ill check back here a little later see how you are doing.


  Mad Boy 19:18 25 May 2003

Access to my site is now available

click here


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