Game files go missing

  anthonyl 14:12 11 Apr 2003

I had GTAIII installed on my computer, and, after not playing it for a couple of months, went to return to playing it.

i put in the 'play' disc, but there was no response. i looked at the folder on my hard disk, where the files should be, but it only has some MP3s from the game.

i put in the 'install' disc, which asked me if i wanted to remove the game, i clicked yes. the install/remove screen came up, and the bars went up very quickly. a box then appeared to tell me that it had finished 'repairing'. when i looked at the files again, nothing had changed.

the 'play' disc still won't start the game. i looked in the 'add/remove programs' in the control panel, and the game is still there, but it won't let me remove it.

what can i do to remove all records of the game, so that i can do a fresh install?????

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