Game does not support my videocard

  WebGuy 14:26 27 Feb 2004

Hi, I just bought "Prince of Percia- The Sands of Time" and I REALLY want to play this game! But it doesn't support my video card (?!). It supports N-Vidia G-Force 3,4,5,6 But not NVidia 4 MX. I defenetly don't want to buy a new video card so the only way is... I heard something about "Video adapter emulating software" that meant It tells the game that it is a different video card so the game can be played OK. I also heard that with this programm I can add VRAM (Video memory), Shader or Vertex support (It does not "upgrade" system just tells this (lying) that it the right video card. If any1 Nose Somethigs about it, please give me the link to this precious application (program). Thanx.

  WebGuy 14:42 27 Feb 2004


  pinka 15:07 27 Feb 2004

but the reason the game doesnt support your card is probably because nvidia really scrimped on the mx range and so even if you found this software i doubt you'd get frame rates anywhere near playable.

  WebGuy 15:12 27 Feb 2004

Yes, it does support The Fourht videocard, but not 4 MX, what's wrong with MX series?

  pinka 15:18 27 Feb 2004

according to articles ive read on various sites and mags, nvidia just made them too cheaply and underpowered. i too owned gforce4 mx 420 i soon replaced it with a ti4200 though as i couldnt run many of my games at an acceptable rate.

  WebGuy 15:22 27 Feb 2004

Yes, I said that I'm not gonna buy new video card. It's cost more than a console. It'll be better to buy a console instead of upgrading your comupter every year.

  pinka 15:28 27 Feb 2004

I wasnt suggesting you buy a new video card. Just that i very much doubt you would be happy with the result even if you did manage to get the game running.

  WebGuy 15:32 27 Feb 2004

Right... But the problem is still not solved!

  medicine hat 15:35 27 Feb 2004

You may be surprised how cheap it can be to upgrade your video card these days click here

  WebGuy 15:42 27 Feb 2004

Can't c upgrade link, only to buy a new card..

He means upgrade to a better card.

The MX440 i had was ok... I would look for something new, make your system better in the long run.

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