Game dies - complete un/re-install - still dead

  Snak 14:03 18 Oct 2004

I installed Warrior Kings recently - Great Game! I decided to increase performance (and decrease Quality) using the in-game slider. I got a brief message: Restaring Graphics Card. The screen went white and the computer crashed. The game would not run at all after that - just a white screen.
OK - so I uninstalled the game, cleaned out the registry, deleted the folder left behind (why do they do that?)and reinstalled.
Same problem. My NVidia GeForce 3 (128Mb RAM) displays a white screen (or, occasionally, a black screen with what looks like a lot of picture squashed up against the r/h edge of the screen). Newly installed graphics drivers do not solve the problem (Using XP Pro and was tricked into installing SP2, but problem occurred before).
Whilst an actual solution may not be forthcoming, I'd like to know how an in-game setting change can break a game like this and how the measures I've taken to sort it do not work....

  Noelg23 14:49 18 Oct 2004

I think its the graphics card thats now knackered...have you updated the drivers at all?

  Snak 14:55 18 Oct 2004

Thanks for the response.
Yes I've installed new graphics drivers. I too, suspected the card but everything else runs OK - icluding Rome-Total War, which is the same type of thing. I have tersted the card using DirectX diags and all seems fine.....

  struggle8 15:22 18 Oct 2004

does the game have a start game in safe mode if so start game in safe mode and put the video setting back sounds lick the resolution in the game is set to high

  Snak 15:26 18 Oct 2004

Safe mode - y didn't I think of thet? Thanks. Will try that this eve....

  Noelg23 15:27 18 Oct 2004

theres an option for you mate...

  struggle8 15:30 18 Oct 2004

sound like i had the same problem a couple of weeks ago with a diffent game (chrome ) set the res to high graph card didnt lick it same symptons as yours with my geforce 128

  MESH Support 15:44 18 Oct 2004

I'd try another game as well, one that you already have installed and know works. If it switches to the correct graphics mode then it is unlikely to be the video card, more likely to be some remnant of the problematic game still causing it to try a mode that the card has problems supporting.

  Snak 15:57 18 Oct 2004

Many thanks for responses. I installed Rome - Total War after Warrior Kings stopped working. This seems fine but I will try it in different graphics modes later (when I get home). I'll also try the Safe Mode option but what is interesting is that a complete uninstall and reinstall, along with cleaning the Registry and removing folders left behind by the uninstall program (...isn't that annoying...), *should* make the computer 'forget' the program ever existed so an new installation (and yes, I did try installing it to a non-default folder) should be virgin and untainted by previous altered settings. Apparently not. Now that I think of it, some demo software uninstallation programs do not remove all references in the registry - to stop people reinstalling over and over. I wonder if I missed one?

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