game demo runs - mouse very slow

  Cesare 15:38 24 May 2006

Although I have all the specification to run this demo, my mouse goes too slow and when I play it, the characters also move too slow, in fact, wih jerks! I tried to clear most of the other software which was running but no change. I am afraid to put off my Firewall and virus protector. Any other suggestions please?

  gudgulf 15:48 24 May 2006

Which Demo?......what are your pc specs?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:49 24 May 2006

run the game in a lower sreen res

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:49 24 May 2006

screen not sreen

  Totally-braindead 15:59 24 May 2006

Without more info there is no way anyone can answer this one. What game demo is it and what spec is your computer?
I suspect from what you say your computer meets the minimum specification for the demo, they are conservative estimates if that is the case and if you are just above the minimum then the only thing you can do is try what surfmonkey #:@}© has suggested, drop the resolution and perhaps turn off any graphics effects.

  Cesare 16:08 24 May 2006

The demo is Eidos " Hitman: Blood money". I went to their site and they have a site where they can see what are your specifications and give you a full report. Mine came out 100%. I tried to lower the resolutions but did not succeed as my mouse is jerking and hopless, so could not do it. I took off shadows etc but no joy.
WinXp prof Sp2; Nvidia geforce 5200 with latest driver,756MB RaM; 96GB Hard Drive Free space.
Will try reducing the res again.

  gudgulf 17:10 24 May 2006

Your graphics card is definitely going to struggle....its performance is well below the MINIMUM ATI specified card (9500 model).I would say a GeForce 5600 or 5700 would be the baseline for NVidia.Nevertheless you should be able to run at the lowest resolution/settings.

Make sure you are not running any antialiasing or anisotrophic filtration.

Check what processes are running in the background on your pc......some of those can interfere with smooth gameplay.

What cpu have you got?

Download FRAPS click here and run it to see what frame rate you are's also useful to check which settings make the most difference to the speed the game runs at.

Essentially to run the latest games you need a more powerful card.

  Cesare 17:20 24 May 2006

gudgulf I have Intel Pentium 4 2.67GB
I know that my 5200 card struggles but they passed it as satifactory. I went down to settings 800X600 but it is still too slow.I have DirectX 9.0c with 2006 updates. I dont know FRAPS but will give it a try later unless I just delete the demo !!!

  gudgulf 17:24 24 May 2006

My son has a 2.4GHz(400mHz fsb)P4 with a Radeon 9600pro in his bedroom.....I'm going to download the demo and try it on that.

I'll let you know how it goes.

  Totally-braindead 17:37 24 May 2006

Cesare mimimum means exactly that, if you turn off everything and run it at the lowest resolution you can you may find its playable. You may also have to disable anything working in the background as well.

The companies that bring out software don't actually lie but I've never found a game that runs properly on a system that isn't quite a bit above what they state as minimum requirements.

I'm afraid its your graphics card thats the problem and I don't think any amount of tweaking will help. If you really want to play it then try turning every thing down to minimum settings, having said that I think you will need a new graphics card to play it decently.

  Cesare 17:46 24 May 2006

gudgulf thanks. I tried FRAPS thou I must confess, that I am not sure how it works. I gave me 30fps during play but everything moves slowly and I use the arrow keys to get anywhere. It's a struggle ! Everything is on minimum. A few weeks ago I had the same trouble with Eidos's TombRaider; The legend, but after reducing the resolution is works fine.

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