Game crashes when I try to change the resolution.

  Cybermaxx 18:17 06 Feb 2004

I bought an old (1997) game called Unreal,and installed it. It runs okay, but only if you use the default screen resolution, which is 512 x whatever. When I try to enter a different resolution from the in-game menu, the game crashes to desktop and displays a Critical Error report. It looks terrible running in the default resolution! Any ideas on how to get the game to run normally at 1024 x 768? Help!

BTW, I'm using a modern PC with Windows XP Home.

  pinka 18:20 06 Feb 2004

enter the error code you get in google, normally pulls up a solution

  pinka 18:27 06 Feb 2004

but its regarding the beta, which you obviously could not have bought but it may work "In order to change full screen mode resolution, first you have to switch to windowed mode (all these options are under "audio/video"). Only in windowed mode can the resolution be successfully changed. Once you have changed to the desired resolution (the game runs pretty smooth on P200MMX, 640 x 480) in windowed mode, you need to toggle back to full screen mode. But as with before, Unreal will crash during the toggle. But don't worry, just restart Unreal and it should start in full screen mode under the desired resolution. "

  Cybermaxx 18:33 06 Feb 2004

Thanks Pinka. Unfortunately, it crashes when I try to toggle full/screen/windowed, as well! Same error report. It's annoying, because I've been wanting to play this classic game for years!

  pinka 18:36 06 Feb 2004

can you post the report ?

  pinka 18:40 06 Feb 2004
  Cybermaxx 18:55 06 Feb 2004

No, I haven't patched it. The error report is long and dull. It's headed:-

Critical Error


General Protection Fault!


History:UGalaxyAudioSubsystem::SetViewPorts<-UWindowsClient::EndFullScreen<-UWindowsViewPort::MakeFullScreen<- etc. etc.

Okay, thanks, I'll try the patch. I've rarely had to patch any games so far. This could be an exception!

  Cybermaxx 20:08 06 Feb 2004

The patch has solved the problem! It works perfectly now. Thanks again, pinka. In future if something like this happens, I'll look for the patch before I post.

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