Gainward Nvidia Dualview problem?

  Eddy77 15:49 28 Dec 2005

I’ve bought a Gainward Fx Powerpack! Pro/660 AGPx 8 TV-DVI Fx5200 128MB Graphics card from Euyer as their information lead me to believe that I could use a second monitor as an extended desktop (know as Dualview in the nVidia settings).
click here
This however is not the case.
The problem seems to be that although my PC sees 2 monitors and recognises them by model name when they are plugged in it seems unable to differentiate between them when I want to adjust their settings independently. I can select the two different monitors from the drop down list on the Display/Setting page and change their settings, but only changes to the primary display actually change anything and if I click the identify button I get a large “1” on both monitors. I’ve tried all five settings in the GeForce FX5200 tab of the advanced setting screen, and when I enable the horizontal span or Dualview option I get the left hand half of the desktop on both monitors! This seems to suggest to me that it is monitor output 1 that is coming out of both monitor ports on the card!
I've also tried running the duel display wizard but despite looking like it's doing the right thing at the end I just end up with a clone screen! I’ve tried it with a few monitors too and it makes no difference.
Gainwards own site wasn’t any help and I’ve had no reply from them when I emailed them with this same question!
If anyone could confirm that this card does support extended desktop or if not which good value cards do then it would be very helpful as currently I don’t know if I’ve been sent a dud or if it’s just that Ebuyers information is a little misleading, in which case I need to try to find another card.
Many thanks,

  citadel 17:48 28 Dec 2005

You can get dual head graphics cards with one connector for each monitor.

  Eddy77 19:44 28 Dec 2005

Thanks, but the card I got has two ports on the back, one normal and one DVI. It came with a adapter to attach a normal monitor to the DVI port and so in effect allows you to connect two normal monitors. But I'm getting the feeling this is just so you can attach two identical monitors in clone setup for gaming!

  citadel 20:43 28 Dec 2005

there are instructions at that may help.

  Eddy77 00:43 29 Dec 2005

There's a lot on there, any chance you could send me a link please? I've had a search, but not having any luck.
Thanks a lot!

  007al 00:54 29 Dec 2005

Try this click here

  Eddy77 01:02 29 Dec 2005

Thanks, but that doesn't really tell me anything I don't already know.
I guess the first thing to confirm is if the card I bought will support this feature, but I'm getting no joy from the supplier or manufacturer on this!
Cheers anyway!

  007al 01:16 29 Dec 2005

says here it does click here

  Eddy77 01:22 29 Dec 2005

That's just what it said on the Ebuyer site and that's why I bought it, but I just can't get it to work, I just get the left monitor disply on both monitors! Have tried setting to up differant ways, even with differant monitors and with the wizard, but I'm getting nowhere. Don't know if to send it back as faulty, but that's a faff if it's just something I'm doing wrong!

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