gain trickler 3202.exe

  iqs 20:31 27 Mar 2004

can anybody tell me what gain trickler 3202.exe is ?.every so often nis informs me that it is trying access the net .
cheers iqs

  holly polly 20:33 27 Mar 2004

spyware get rid with spybot -regards -hol pol...

  holly polly 20:36 27 Mar 2004

click here
-regards-hol pol....

  iqs 21:49 27 Mar 2004

thanks for your reply..i tried spybot sometime ago,was not impressed.once you confirmed it was spyware i installed ad-aware,scanned and more gain trickler.thanks for your help .best regards iqs

  holly polly 22:07 27 Mar 2004

yes ad aware will do the lob nicely ,bit concerned over your statement about spybot though ,use both spybot and adaware ,what ever one misses the other usually gets it ,i know spybot can be slow ,i just leave it to get on with the job ,be interested to learn your concerns -regard -hol pol....

  iqs 20:15 28 Mar 2004

hi the past spybot has stated that items i know are legitimate programs are spyware.for example my epsom printer driver.very odd.

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