Gadget to Dowload Memory Card to

  The Potter 23:26 25 Jul 2010

I'm soon to go on holiday with my new camcorder; I'll have 4 x 8gb memory cards (don't wish to buy higher capacity incase they die) - is there a gadget I could download the videos to each day without having to buy a laptop or similar?


  hssutton 23:47 25 Jul 2010

Take your pick click here, but it's far cheaper to buy extra cards

  The Potter 00:10 26 Jul 2010

Hmmm, maybe I didn't make myself clear or maybe I don't understand!

That is a link to portable hard drives. Can they work without being attached to a computer of some sort?

On holiday I won't have a computer unless I buy a laptop or equivalent. I'm looking for something cheaper than that (ie. less than £300) but don't mind it costing more than several cards. The problem with several cards is that I will have to number them all and not loose them!


  Belatucadrus 01:04 26 Jul 2010
  The Potter 01:55 26 Jul 2010

Quite likely! From what I read (and I'd like 'you' to confirm ...) it can be used without a computer of some/any sort?

My camcorder files are .mod so I doubt the gadget would be able to show them - but then, that wasn't what I was asking for - as long as it will store them and providing I can store them, it would be fine. I'll delve deeper tomorrow as it's late now. Thanks for the link.


  Kevscar1 07:42 26 Jul 2010

Read your manual My camcorder take about 1Gb an hour. You should be able to get about 30hrs of Video.

  hssutton 08:33 26 Jul 2010

Many of the items listed on the Warehouse express site are truly portable. They have card slots built in and are powered by an internal battery. Others may require a seperate card reader

I have two such devices, but rarely use them these days as it's far easier and much cheaper to carry extra media cards. Not to mention the safety of your photos/videos

  Kevscar1 08:41 26 Jul 2010

Also if you are going to do that much videoing you would be better off spending your money on a couple of heavy duty batteries. Normal ones only last 45 - 60 mins. Kep 2 others charged up and you should have enough power for a day.

  Graham. 09:01 26 Jul 2010

4 x 8GB will be plenty, but if you're doing that much shooting the battery will not last long without recharging.

  The Potter 14:36 26 Jul 2010

I have no problem with batteries or cards! The trouble with my camcorder is that it doesn't number the files in an easily findable order so if I am ever to find out which videos were taken on what day, I would need a new card each day which is what I don't want to do.

Thanks anyway.

  Graham. 15:37 26 Jul 2010

Shirley it has a time stamp facility you can activate?

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