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  highside 09:57 30 Jun 2014

Help please, this has suddenly occurred despite no changes being made to my set up which has been the same in this regard for a long time.

I have Windows Live Mail with my ISP POP3 mail account (no problem with that) and I have a second account a gmail IMAP. From last week the gmail account has started 'updating my mail' and removing it from the inbox? Why is that? Whether or not I am signed in to Google makes no difference but normally I am not. The removed mail is probably in the gmail account if I sign in but usually it remains in my inbox within WLM and the two accounts can be viewed seperately from there. Dont know where this Update process originates. Could it be to do with me having mail service on multiple devices? Thanks for any help. Win 8.1 64b IE 11 & Google Chrome

  Woolwell 10:52 30 Jun 2014

"Could it be to do with me having mail service on multiple devices?" - possibly. With imap all devices including webmail should have the same emails, incoming and those sent. If you delete on one device or using webmail then that email will be deleted from all devices. imap updates with send/receive.

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