G-mail has decided my username/password

  jack 08:03 09 Jul 2009

is wrong.
Having been using G-mail for a while with username/password remembered it is now coming up as username/password incorrect.repeated manual entering is to no avail and the FAQ's aren't coming up with any answers either.
Any clues any one?

  Andsome 08:14 09 Jul 2009

Just a personal view of course, but I see no point in using programs like this. What is wrong with Outlook express or Outlook?

  wiz-king 08:23 09 Jul 2009

Run click here to check you are entering the stored correct name/password and havent got the capital/lower case letters/numbers wrong. It could be that your IP address has been blocked for sending spam.

What is the error mesage that you get?

  jack 09:00 09 Jul 2009

There are very good reason for using secondary or even tertiary addresses.
In fact I use Thunderbird as an E-mail client.
But there occasions when the these POP3 devices fail[even Thunderbird can have its moments]
Many folk use a multiplicity of address to compartmentise their mail activity.

  jack 09:03 09 Jul 2009

But as a crumblie pensioner I am eager for Fee Free solutions ,as I am sure you can appreciate

  interzone55 09:07 09 Jul 2009

If you stick to your ISP's email service then Outlook Express is more than adequate.

Some ISPs don't provide email, so you then need to either purchase an email service from a 3rd party hosting company or use a free web mail service.

Google Mail (nee Gmail) is one of the best web mail services, providing a sizable mail box allocation (7,5gb at the moment), simply superb spam blocking, a nice online interface, and the capability to collect the mail using most email clients, such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora etc

Another benefit of using a service like Gmail is that you can send and receive email anywhere you have a web connection. So I can keep on top of my personal mail whilst at work, which is handy, as I sometimes need to use my personal mail for work when our mail server is having one of it's regular fits...

  UK Sub 09:12 09 Jul 2009

When you signed up to Gmail you had to provide a secondary email address for verification purposes do you still have that address?

if so

click here=

click here

  interzone55 09:13 09 Jul 2009

Are you accessing via the web interface, or has it started to refuse the password from Thunderbird.

If the former then I'm thinking wiz-king may have the answer, if the latter then it could be one of Google's occasional hiccups. I've just managed to log-in using a browser that doesn't store cookies, so it's working at my end.

The worst case scenario is that someone has hi-jacked your account and changed the password.

If this is the case you'll be wanting to have a look at this page
click here

  jack 10:05 09 Jul 2009

Thanx for the links , though I had been through those hoops before and nothing happened
this time around it all worked.

Those security scrambled letters - wot a pain!
it took several goes before it accepted one of my interpretations.

  jack 10:06 09 Jul 2009

I access on the web -
did not know about accessing through Thunderbird
will have to figure that one out.

  UK Sub 10:18 09 Jul 2009

'Those security scrambled letters - wot a pain!'

I know, its meant to make sure a human is attempting to enter the request, the trouble is they are sometimes unreadable by humans, my 9 year old is better at deciphering them than I am.

anyway I assume you can now access your Gmail.

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