G-Lock SpamCombat Version 3 Build 1000

  Jayar 20:51 08 Feb 2013


I have recently started using the above software on my laptop (Windows 7 SP1, with Office Pro 2003) as I did not like the new Mailwasher. It seems to work well but I am at a complete loss as to how to recover Deleted emails that it has done itself - so far it has deleted a few legitimate emails which I would like to restore.

In Spam Combat setup (automatic) , there is an account with a name and password for this purpose which I think works okay - my problem is that their "Help" says to set up a POP3 account in the email client (in my case Outlook 2003) but that is all it says. With the template for setting up a POP3 account there are a number of boxes with entries such as email address, password, POP3 and SMTP, account name et al. Unless all of these fields are filled in the template stays grey and cannot be entered. I am sure moat of these entries are not needed for what is essentially an internal process, but they give no indication of how to set up the correct POP3 configuration.

If anybody can steer me in the right direction to recover deleted emails in this software I shall be grateful. I have tried everything I can think of with no success.

  rdave13 21:01 08 Feb 2013

Don't really know why people use such spam filtering without knowing how to use. I'm sorry I can't help but look at this link for some information.


Of course it will cost money.

  Jayar 21:09 08 Feb 2013

Thanks rdave13,

There is no problem using the software, it works well, but in their "Help" files there is no indication of how to set up a POP3 account for deleted email recovery. They merely give an account name and a password, but to set up a POP3 account in my Outlook 2003, there are more boxes to be filled in than the two they mention.

  rdave13 21:52 08 Feb 2013

Hence my link. It's a freebie until you need info.

Unless others know better I can't help further.

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