FX5200 64MB, thats all i know for sure

  g40 19:31 11 Nov 2005

Hi All, well, that and the fact that when i put it into my 1.2 athlon machine, the screen gets so far then the signal goes and the monitor goes to sleep, works fine with its old 32MB card but that went into an agp slot and the fx200 goes into a PCI!
I can't identify my new (to me) card, it has dvi, no tv-out, samsung memory blockss and s-video, and a heatsink but no fan, any help would be much appreciated, G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 11 Nov 2005

Download Nvidia gforce drivers click here

  g40 20:12 11 Nov 2005

I am having a look at the page and thank you for that, i was just reading that PCI is slower than agp but surely if the pci card has 64mb and the agp only 32mb of memory it would be an improvement. So i have put the old card in at the moment and am using the PC now, should i perhaps load the drivers in now but as i can't get to the loading process i can't see how to install the card from there. And how do i know that my card is Nvidia? Sorry so many questions, G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:29 11 Nov 2005

The FX5200 cards are Nvida based rebranded by various manufacutres (sparkle)

The Nvidia driver is a big download that covers alot (all) the gforce cards. Load the driver and only the appropriate files wil be used for your card.

  007al 21:49 11 Nov 2005

are you sure your card only has 32mb of ram?

  g40 20:57 12 Nov 2005

Thank you for responding chaps,definitely 32MB card but i will download the drivers on my broadband pc then install them to the other spare one then attempt reinstallation, would anyone agree that perhaps the performance differential between the two cards would not be great given the agp/pci divide? Thanks again, G

  PaulB2005 21:14 12 Nov 2005

"works fine with its old 32MB card but that went into an agp slot and the fx200 goes into a PCI"

Look in the BIOS for a setting to tell it where the graphics card is. You may have to change a setting to get it to see the card in the PCI slot.

If not, keep both cards in - yes you can do this - with your monitor connected to the AGP card. Then check the settings in Windows to see if it's using the AGP card as default. See if you can switch it to the PCi card and then shut down and remove the AGP card.

  PaulB2005 21:15 12 Nov 2005

BTW the AGP card will the "faster" as the AGP bus is faster than PCI. The memory size only helps it loads large textures quicker. More memory doesn't necessarily mean faster as there are other factors like the transport bus (PI, AGP, PCI-e) and the clock speeds...

  [email protected] 22:25 12 Nov 2005

Depends what the current 32MB card is

  PaulB2005 11:39 13 Nov 2005

LOL - good point!

  g40 19:06 15 Nov 2005

Prophet, the 64 is the FX5200. I thank you all for the advice and may well try PaulB2005's idea re keeping both of them in, will hopefully get this done soon.

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