Fx Chip or TI???

  oo7juk 00:55 01 Aug 2003

Purchasing a Gfx card next week, can anybody recommend what chip is best. I'm looking to get a good gaming qualites out of it.

My local PC store has recommended the Abit 256mb. 8agp,Geforce FX 5600 card at a price of £119.00.They also have the same card with 128mb for £109. Anybody any idea why the 256mb is only £10 more, is it just a selling point.

Many thanks.

  DieSse 01:11 01 Aug 2003

Have a look here - they recommend the MSI version of the card.

click here

  The Sack 02:27 01 Aug 2003

Dont buy a FX5200 cos it is 20% slower than a GF4 Ti-4200.

At the minute i would go for an ATi 9600 pro and i love nVidia :-\

  Ironman556 23:18 01 Aug 2003

The GeForce FX's are noisy cards, don't go for anything below a FX5600 if you get one. If you want to go NVidia I'd get a GF4 Ti4400 or Ti4800 both of which are fairly cheap now.

i think the extra RAM is just a selling point, I read somewhere that it doesn't make that much difference.

I've just put a Radeon 9600Pro 128MB into my new PC. Really pleased with it, handles almost all UT2003 levels at full resolution without a jerk in sight. Mine's a Sapphire from click here it's about the best price I found, and doesn't come with any bundles games, so you're buying pure GFX card.

Whatever you go for, get a branded card.

Happy gaming, Ironman.

  Gaz 25 23:27 01 Aug 2003

I would go for a FX5200 for budget and a FX5800 for more of an impact.

Ti Cards are cheap and powerful too.

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