Is an FX 5200 sufficient?

  ade.h 02:41 04 Apr 2004

Due to persistent instability from my current graphics card (an old Hercules Kyro 2) I want to chuck it for something reliable.

My Kyro 2 struggles to cope with Windows smoothly if all the visual enhancements are on and a few programs are running (it's really that bad!) The rest of the PC is of a good spec (P4 2.8, etc.)

I was considering an FX5600XT, but I'm not a PC gamer, so it might be overkill. Is the 5200 good enough for WinXP, Office and 2D graphic design, despite the £50 price tag? I don't want to spend more than I need to and reliability is just as important as respectable performance.

  hugh-265156 03:15 04 Apr 2004

the 5200 will be more than good enough to run xp and will even cope well with a little light gaming no problem.

  hugh-265156 03:18 04 Apr 2004

ps.for graphic design work or editing movies working with photos etc 512mb of ram is a good ammount to have.

the graphics card wont play much of a part in this.

how much ram do you have?

  hugh-265156 03:30 04 Apr 2004

pps.just checked out the specs for the kyro click here this if i were not into games i would stick above add some more memory if windows is just running slow and you have less than 256mb installed.

the only improvement the new nvidia and ati cards have over this is speed and fancy effects features in games.these kyro based cards are xp compatable so im sure yours should be just fine click here

  ade.h 11:50 04 Apr 2004

No problems with system memory - I have 1GB of it! The problem with the Kyro 2 seems to be not so much the core spec, but the drivers. WinXP's own version is quite stable but very slow with things like window resizing, and the latest Hercules version performs okay but is very unstable, with regular system errors being triggered. I'm currently using PowerVR's own reference driver which is a compromise between the two. The Kyro 2 was never a problem with Win98SE, so it's definitely the dodgy drivers. It's the only component I've never got around to upgrading!

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