fuzzy pictures when on internet

  landroverdave 10:38 27 Jun 2004

Please help.When on internet all pictures and images in websites are made up of small squares are blurred and look washed out.It does not affect pictures that are not internet websites or the flash programmes running in the background of websites. nor does it prevent games from running.
I run xp home


  Robotic_Rob 11:01 27 Jun 2004

Are you givin the site long enough to download the picture? I find that when looking at maps on the internet that little images that make up the map are all blocked and blurred. But after giving it alittle time. The images clear up perfectly.

  landroverdave 11:12 27 Jun 2004

fraid not,time is no healer here. I have exhausted the obvious reasons and the images are definitely made up of little square shapes and colours are washed out and blurry.Its only in internet explorer that I get this and on tiscali start up box when it shows a picture.

  livewire 11:15 27 Jun 2004

Try clearing your cache Tools>Internet Options>Empty temporary internet files.

Or try another browser like Mozilla Firefox and see if you have the same problem. If images apear correctly in another browser like firefox then you can repair Internet Explorer.

If images dont display in either browser try changing the program handeler for image files.

If you could try these steps and determine the result I could give you more instructions for each process.

  landroverdave 13:38 27 Jun 2004

hi livewire.
i have loaded mozilla firefox as suggested and it has fixed the problem.
It must be a fault with explorer..any suggestions on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

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