fuzzy music CD copies - sometimes

  Jacqual 10:18 22 May 2007

Sometimes if I copy a music CD, the result is perfect until the last few tracks when distortion begins to set in. I have no problem at all with creating data CDs (images, power point presentations etc). The CD/DVD player is in my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop - a geat laptop but possibly getting on a bit now. Is it the beginning of an electro-mechanical fault in the CD player/recorder? I can't see that it would be an electronic fault as I always assumed that digital meant the result was perfect - or not there at all. The music CDs I refer to may themselves be copies - I don't know if that is significant. Any suggestions?

  rodriguez 11:54 22 May 2007

If the originals were copies, the problem could be there. CD-R's can fade and this makes them crackle and it can get so bad it sounds even worse than vinyl. Try the orignals and copies in a couple of different CD players and see if you get poor sound quality on them - different quality CD and DVD players can handle bad discs better than others.

  ICF 19:04 23 May 2007

What burning software are you using?

  Jacqual 13:20 24 May 2007

Roxio easy CD Creator 5 / Easy CD Creator

  wee eddie 13:53 24 May 2007

play without any such distortion

  Jacqual 14:01 24 May 2007

yes original music CDs and DVDs play fine, so it does seem to point to the copy of a copy. But it seems odd that most music tracks play fine and then only the last four or five get distortion. Maybe the CD player/recorder need a squirt of WD40? (only joking).

  rodriguez 16:06 24 May 2007

As CDs play, they spin fast at first and as it gets further into the CD the speed slows down. If you were to take the lid off a standard CD player and started playing the 1st track then skip to the last one you'd see this happen. The slower speed towards the end of the CD makes the laser more likely to get interrupted by dirt, scratches and in your case, faded CD-Rs because it has more time to pick them up. This could explain why it only happens on the end of the discs.

  ICF 18:30 24 May 2007

What speed are you copying at?

  morefire 12:08 25 May 2007

it might also be a problem with your cd rw
i had the same problem with an older drive of mines. i didnt use it for awhile and when i tried to copy music cds all the tracks played fne until it gets to the last few tracs

data is writen perfectly fine it only seemed to affect music files.

then after awhile it started to get worse as more and more tracs were distorted until about after 5 track the cd wont play.

So try using a cd cleaner on ur drive and if that doesnt work the only solution for me was a replacement with a dvd rw.

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