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  Phil01 22:18 18 Dec 2006


iam not sure if this is the best place to post this so excuse m if it is wrong.

i have a ok pc , and wil last me a while yet. especially since i hav become a matur studnt at the tender age of 25 and plan to go to uni next yer and do Computer Science, anyway back to the project.

i lan tobuild my own PC, i only have limited funds and not all th cash, i planned to save up and buy part by part, it would be quite slow as i plan to make a very good high end game machine. but as i though about it,if i bought good parts when i had the funds,by the time i got them all and put them togther new stuff would be out.

now i know this happends anyway but as the techno moves so fast, but any good tips how to futre proof my machin,would it be worth for example building it aound thenew Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTX or is thre btr ones around th corner i should wait for,should i go with intel or are amd coming up with somthing soon etc?

any info would be great.

Thank alot.


  sean-278262 23:17 18 Dec 2006

No such thing as futureproofing yourself in your situation. My advice live with what you have for now and save save save if you want a top end computer. Spending money now will mean things will date. Remember Socket A the original sempron slot was changed in later life, same basic chip new slot, so if I wanted a new processor in my PC I would need a new motherboard, likely a new graphics too as those changed to PCI-e so really save the money up for now it will be better in the long run.

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