Future developments

  Blanc Glacier 12:50 25 Feb 2004

Hello i was wondering if somebody could help me. My uncle is contenplating whether to update the existing network within his own company. However, he has asked me to find out what would the potential future developments be if he were to change his network. I have suggested wireless ieee 802.11g. Im not sure about others. Any help would be greatfully recieved.

  LastChip 14:36 25 Feb 2004

Wireless in a business environment requires someone with excellent knowledge to secure the system, otherwise, it's wide open to hackers.

This is a wide open question with as many potential answers. Ultimately, an optical network would be at the current leading edge, but would be an overkill (in my view) for an average business.

As my title, it all comes down to what he wants to achieve!

Establish his goals and then determine the best course of action.

  Blanc Glacier 15:04 25 Feb 2004

Basically he asked me to see what is worth implementing? I.e. what type of cabelling would be avalible soon i have heard of something called Cat 7.

  DieSse 15:41 25 Feb 2004

If his current system works fine, then nothing is worth implementing. If he has some further requirements (faster is the obvious one - what speed is he at now?), then it may be worth investigating further.

click here click here

for a smidge of Cat 7 cable capability.

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