Fuse keeps going!

  jim_mids 17:55 12 Aug 2007

Hi Folks,

Dont know if anyone can help out with this one. Owned a Compaq machine for about a year , changed the video card to a GF8800 GTS and had also to upgrade the PSU to a 460w output. Everything was fine, working well for the last year.

Went to turn the machine on the other day , nothing ... strange... did the usuall - checked the cables ,fans etc, all ok.

Thought id change the fuse in the plug , swapped the existing 5amp for a 10amp (the only other I had) , and pressed the power button - the power light came on for a fraction of a second , fans span for the same and a slight burning smell .. dead again!

Any ideas?

  octal 18:30 12 Aug 2007

Power supply dead, or a faulty mains lead. Change the mains lead first and put the correct fuse in it, 5amp is more than enough. Mains leads can short where they enter the IEC plug at the computer end.

It's not recommended to increase the size of the fuse over and above the specified one, it can do serious damage.

  woodchip 18:34 12 Aug 2007

psu gone, it may have done more damage like cpu motherboard and or hard drive etc

  octal 18:38 12 Aug 2007

Wouldn't the fuse have blown in the power supply first if it was faulty? It seems to be the plug top fuse.

  jim_mids 18:44 12 Aug 2007

Thanks for the help so far folks , just to update - I have changed the power cord , with the same result ... still lost with this one!

  octal 18:46 12 Aug 2007

OK you've eliminated the power cord, then it does look like the power supply faulty.

  jim_mids 18:47 12 Aug 2007

To be fair it was a cheap'o one!

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