further to previous graphic card problem

  frankie 18:08 13 Nov 2006

i posted at the weekend re graphic card prob,it just came up onscreen,no signal....i used the onboard graphics then no problem so that ruled out monitor and cable.took the card to local pc shop they tested it came up ok....hmmm. so why wont it work in my pc anymore?surely if the agp slot has packed up then the motherboard would not work,i did retry card in my pc after test but still no joy,this has got me,,

  frankie 18:51 13 Nov 2006


  VoG II 18:54 13 Nov 2006

Link to previous thread might help click here

  skidzy 18:59 13 Nov 2006

Have you checked in device manager for any conflicts,

  frankie 19:11 13 Nov 2006

that was my previous thread not relevant now..as graphic card works in test machine but not in my pc?????????????question is why not,skidzy cant check in device manager with card installed as it comes up no signal therefore cant even get into bios

  skidzy 19:17 13 Nov 2006

Oops sorry frankie.Teach me to read the thread properly next time.

  frankie 20:21 13 Nov 2006

interesting one now isnt it?

  Totally-braindead 20:28 13 Nov 2006

The only things that spring to mind are. Your AGP port is faulty, and this is possible without affecting the rest of the machine. You haven't put the card in properly, I know this sounds silly but they need a real good push to make sure they connect properly. The graphics card you are using requires a power connector and you either don't have it connected or the power supply can't provide enough power or finally there is an option somewhere in the BIOS to switch off the onboard graphics and you haven't done that.
Those are the only things I can think of.

  frankie 21:21 13 Nov 2006

shoved card in real hard and rear connector locks ok..have good psu so thats ok.graphic card well used does not require power connector,onboard graphics was switched off,thanks for response if as you say agp slot can go faulty but pc will still perform ok with on board graphics than my money is on that,i always thought if one thing wrong with mboard then thats curtains thanks

  Totally-braindead 22:58 13 Nov 2006

No frankie it depend on what fails, if something like the USB fails then it can carry on just without the USB. What I would try before you look for another board is to try another card, perhaps a friend has an old one lying about that sort of thing. Its not unheard of for a AGP port to fail but its usually something like a bad connection, you know one of the pins bent a bit that sort of thing.
Have you tried reinstalling the motherboard drivers, specifically the ones for the graphics. I'm not sure if that can stop it working but it wouldn't do any harm to reinstall them anyway just in case.

  frankie 09:37 14 Nov 2006

ok will try another card can borrow one sat and see good idea

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