Funny Wireless Network Problems

  ajm 19:13 11 May 2004

I have an interesting problem that recently started (a few days ago).
My Centrino laptop routinely pops up with the "One or more wireless networks found" box. During this point in time, I am effectively kicked off the network until I rejoin my network, which takes about 15-30 seconds. In another 1-2 minutes, I get booted again.

The best I can figure is my neighbors have a wireless network (it appears two different neighbors as I get unWEPed, unWPAed networks called "linksys" and "wireless" from time to time).

Is there a way to setup so that only connection established is mine one.

I am using the Netgear DG834G wireless Modem Router, with DCHP and SSID enabled and 64bit WEP.

  ajm 23:53 11 May 2004


  GaT7 00:51 12 May 2004

what I think you need to do is not only secure your own network (which you've seemed to have done) but ALSO ask your neighbours to do the same for their own. This way you're affectively 'blocked off' from each other & hopefully you won't have the problem anymore. click here, click here & click here for more info on how to make your WLAN more secure (or in this case your neghbours!). Good luck, G

  GaT7 00:55 12 May 2004

Similar problem here - click here. Tentatively solved by the original poster of the thread - see the last post at the bottom of the page.

  Gaz W 00:56 12 May 2004

or you could put chicken wire all around your house :-)

Might work.

  byfordr 08:16 12 May 2004

Have you tried a different channel and Mode? (Found on the wireless settings on your netgear disk) Also enable the security, you can also lock it down to individual pcs. By locking it down to trusted wireless devices.


  mdshamilton 09:36 12 May 2004

I found the easiest way to solve this is to double click the network icon, click the "wireless network" tab and add only your network to the preferred networks section at the bottom of the dialogue box. That was the PC knows which network to automatically connect to and stay connected to as your neighbours' networks go on and off line.

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