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  Splodge 07:04 17 Aug 2009

Good Morning all,

Yesterday, like all bad computer users I started to fumble with the inside of my computer.
Well, actually, my present computer is so full of rubbish, even after all the steps and programs to clean it, that I decided to reinstall to a new drive and put on only the programs or latest versions of them I wanted. I have accumulated a lot over the last seven years.

In the process I must have accidentally pulled one of the four wires which connect the power supply to one the hard drives. So, I still have one intact since I can send this but cannot backup or transfer the old data directly to the new.

I have looked at the business end of the 4 pin plug and it appears there is a way to open it up but I cannot, for the life of me, do it!

Anyone help there. please.

My external hard drive also recently went phutt! and I will be replacing that so, I guess I will be able copy to that, but I would be out of action for ages while I went through the routine of re-installing. I NEED 2 internal hard drives.

I know this is a bit rambling but it is early and I have not had my coffee yet! lol

  Technotiger 07:20 17 Aug 2009

Do not open up any plugs, the answer does not lie there!

I am guessing that you are referring to your second internal hard-drive (the Slave drive) - is it/was it, on the same IDE cable as the Master Internal hard drive?

  Technotiger 07:24 17 Aug 2009

Also, just had a thought - do you mean you have pulled of one of the individual wires from the PSU plug that was connected to the Slave drive? If so, you should have another 'spare' PSU plug possibly hidden among all the cables coming from the PSU - use one of the spare plugs, there are usually more plugs than most people need coming from the PSU.

  ened 07:30 17 Aug 2009

There should be spare plugs amongst the bundle inside the case.

  ened 07:31 17 Aug 2009

I knew I should have typed that before making my coffee!

  Technotiger 07:35 17 Aug 2009

He He He ... I am off to make mine now :-)

  Splodge 07:39 17 Aug 2009


I will look for those later when I have the courage! Still too early but, I ought to have seen them.

Thanks, will come back later when I have looked.

I obviously haven't poked into the innards enough in the past!

And, if not there? I shudder to think.

It has been a wakeup call though, I am just about to order the other external drive!

Thanks, will keep you all informed.

  ened 07:53 17 Aug 2009

There is nothing wrong with 'fumbling' around inside your case, so long as you clear the static beforehand or make sure you are earthed,

If you only have one Hard Drive in there you will almost certinly have spare power connectors for your drives.

The other thing I want to mention is that it probaly isn't your fault the wire came loose because I have been tugging away at those for years and never had one come out. Probably it was loose already!

  crosstrainer 08:00 17 Aug 2009

I'm with Technotiger on this one, If your new drive is IDE, it will need to be connected via a ribbon cable.

These are usually grey, and connect to the drive in much the same way as a floppy does.

If this is the case, you then have the slave / master issue to deal with. You can only have one IDE master (sata is different, they are all masters)

Check the new drives manual and you will find a small jumper which will need to be allocated it's correct status....You won't break anything by getting it wrong, the PC just won't boot.

If it is a sata drive, the cables (usually red or yellow) are much smaller, but your motherboard needs to support this type of drive (refer to your mainboards manual)

That method requires two connections, one for power, and one for data.

Hope this helps


  Splodge 08:14 17 Aug 2009

No, you have misunderstood my post!

I have 2 hard drives in and always have had. I was using a third hard drive (Spare) to create the new "polished" drive free of all the old clutter. Then, when I was happy, I would have backed up the "polished drive" to the old ones.

I had taken out connections from the Master Drive and put them into the "very unstable ... wobbly" spare drive standing free alongside the open casing. But the secondary hard drive was still connected as slave to the new one so I could copy across some of the programs.

The new one is now put away till I have some free time to complete it and I was re-connecting the cables to the ORIGINAL 2 internal drives when I noticed one plug, which goes into the second drive had a dangling wire.

Sorry I was not clear on that.

  Zeppelyn 08:14 17 Aug 2009

As mentioned you should have spare connectors but if not one of these will do the trick, just used this as emample but you should be able to get from Maplins etc,
click here

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