Fullling C:/

  theinlinaung2010 10:53 12 Feb 2011

I have heard that hard drive C: should not less than 15% disk space.But my C: is almost full and it's 1-3 GB free of 80 GB.Can it slow down my computer? Should I remove files from C:?

  bremner 10:57 12 Feb 2011

Yes it will because of the needs of the page file.

You do not say what O/S you have but guessing its XP do a disk cleanup first click here

  theinlinaung2010 11:16 12 Feb 2011

My OS is windows 7

  theinlinaung2010 11:17 12 Feb 2011

My OS is windows 7 and I have done this but it didn't work.There are many essential files that make full C:.

  GaT7 11:18 12 Feb 2011

Like bremner suggests, & make sure to do the last one: 'Remove Restore Points'.

Also use the free CCleaner click here, which may remove more useless files.

With only 1-3Gb free, it's surprising your PC has not slowed down already.

A few things that tend to hog space (apart from the more obvious ones) that other cleaning methods & tools may not cover, are:

1. Reduce space reserved for SR: Start > Control Panel > System > System Restore tab. Highlight the C (or your OS drive) > Settings button > Move the slider to the left to reduce the space allocated > OK. 10% is the default setting I think (could be 8Gb in your case), but 1-2Gb space will be more than sufficient

2. If you have at least 2Gb RAM, you can have a much smaller Pagefile (virtual memory). Make it a minimum of 512Mb & a max of 2Gb

3. Delete all the files in the C:\Windows that have $NTUninstallKB in their names. You will need to enable 'Show hidden files & folders' in Folfer Options to view them. Do NOT delete the $hf_mig$ folder though.

Btw, $NTUninstallKB files contain info about uninstalling Win updates - unlikely you'll ever need to, so they can all go

4. Delete all files & folders contained in this folder - C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download (but not the Download folder itself).

This folder contains Win updates that have been downloaded & installed already, so no need for them either

5. Disable hibernation if you have it enabled (or leave as it is if you must have it)

6. If using AVG10, delete all files in this folder if present: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG10\Dumps

7. Don't forget to empty your Recycle Bin when done with the above.


  GaT7 11:22 12 Feb 2011

As it's Win7, you'll want to delete older SR points & shadow copies - click here for instructions.

To reduce SR space click here.

For hibernation click here & follow 'OPTION TWO To Disable Hibernate'. G

  MAT ALAN 11:23 12 Feb 2011

This will depend on how much memory you have but i run an XP PC with NO page file.
I added an extra 1gig to my system (now 2.5) and turned my page file OFF letting the ACTUAL memory do the work instead of VIRTUAL memory and my PC still flies..

  woodchip 11:27 12 Feb 2011

As it is, I would say it's on the limit and would be better if you put Photos and Docs on CD's etc. or External Drive. If you have another Partition Remove Programs from Add Remove in Control Panel that You have the [email protected] to reinstall from, Then do a Custom Install using the [email protected] and load to other Partition than C:\ put on D:\ or E if you have enough space and its not a restore partition

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