Full tilt poker problems

  inmymind 08:20 18 Oct 2008

Hi all,

my friend has a laptop running XP MCE. He plays a lot of poker online and use Full Tilt poker, which you download & use the desktop shortcut.

All fine until an update from the poker website a few days ago, now when you start the prgram it won't connect to the poker site, just says trying again. Using the internet is fine tho.

Tried un & re- installing poker software.
won't even connect with firewall off(zonealarm).
done microsoft update.
It is running an old IE, but when i installed IE7 i couldn't get online at all.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Many thanks.

  birdface 10:15 18 Oct 2008

Try it with your Firewall turned off and see if it works.I had the same problem last week with ladbrokes poker.I could not get it configured on my Firewall so deleted the firewall did a search for any bits left over and removed them .Then ran Winaso[Same as C Cleaner ] and then reinstalled the Firewall.Worth a try.What Firewall do you use.

  Snec 10:18 18 Oct 2008

He says he has tried it with the firewall off and he uses ZoneAlarm.

  inmymind 10:49 18 Oct 2008

Yeah tried that. Why wouldn't IE7 work either?

  birdface 11:26 18 Oct 2008

I did read the post.And if using Zone Alarm it is a waste of time just switching it off it would make no difference Unless you can configure zone alarm properly to allow full tilt.Now it may not be a firewall problem but only one way to find out is delete it like I said and then run C Cleaner then either reinstall it,or try Windows firewall temporary. Or maybe easier deleting Full Tilt then running C Cleaner then reinstalling it that should work the same.Once full tilt is deleted run a search for any bits left over and remove if safe to do so.C Cleaner should do the rest.

  cream. 11:28 18 Oct 2008

system restore

  birdface 11:33 18 Oct 2008

For some reason I cannot use the shortcut for ladbrookes and have to go into All programs to run it.Funny thought I would create another shortcut from All programs and the shortcut will still not work,But works from all programs.Weird.

  inmymind 11:54 18 Oct 2008

Got it working guys. Remebered my mate said he used to have Norton, but couldn't get rid of all of it. Used the norton removal software and now full tilt works!! Weird!!

Thanks for all your help

  inmymind 12:02 18 Oct 2008

gonna try updating to IE7 now, fingers crossed!

  birdface 12:05 18 Oct 2008

Has he got the latest version of Zone Alarm Installed.Maybe better reverting back to IE6.When upgrading to IE7 or SP3 we were always told it was better to turn of our Firewall first.Does he have SP3 installed.There was a bit of a conflict with that and zone Alarm but updating to the latest Zone alarm fixed that.Funny that we should have the same sort of problem.Mine was the Firewall.Got my shortcut to work.Just installed it a few times and deleted it .But at the 3rd attempt it looks like it is working now.What Anti-virus does he use.Or like cream said try a system restore to a time before you had the problems remembering that you will loose any programs or updates that you have downloaded since.

  birdface 12:06 18 Oct 2008

Nice one.Glad that you have sorted it out.

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